Create A Rural Countryside Feel In Your Home

If you get the chance to, moving to the countryside is a brilliant idea. There’s just something so amazing about the rural countryside. You get to finally escape the loudness and crazy rush of urban life. Sadly, not everyone is in a position where they can take up homesteading and move to a lovely country home on a farm. But, you can still attempt to bring the rural countryside life to your urban home!


Why do this? To begin, it can create a lovely rural countryside feel in your house. Many people argue that it makes it feel more homey and comforting. Secondly, it can be a good way to prepare you for a future in which you might move to the country. You may one day live in a rural home. Some people are a bit shocked when they move from an urban home into a country home. But, by making your house feel more rural, this won’t be a surprise if you do move in the future.


So, if you want to bring the rural countryside to your urban home, then here are a few things you should think about doing:

rural countryside home


Create A Rural Countryside Feel To Your Home



Try And Create A Warmth In Your Home


I find that a lot of rural countryside homes all have one key thing in common; there’s a warmth to them. From the moment you step inside a lovely country cottage, you get a nice warm feeling. Normally, this comes from a lovely fire that sits in an authentic fireplace. You’ll find this is a staple in most rural countryside properties. So, right away, you’ve got an idea for something you can add to your home if it doesn’t already exist.


Aside from this, you need to focus on two things; making your house feel warm, and creating warm lighting as well. Swap blinds out for thick curtains, and get your hands on some lovely rugs to put on your floor. Both of these ideas trap heat in your home and give it more warmth. As for the lighting, you should try and use warming colors like different shades of red in your home. I for one think that dimmer switches are a must if you’re trying to create a rustic design as you can turn down the force of the lighting. This allows you to make that nice warm glow you usually find in rural countryside homes.

rural countryside home


Get Worn Wooden Furniture


One of the biggest differences between contemporary design and more traditional, rustic design is the furniture. Most modern homes have sleek furniture that’s high-gloss, with metallic bits here and there – and so on. If you want to give your house a rural feel, then you need to get your hands on some worn wooden furniture. Places like the American Country Home Store have an actual farmhouse furniture collection, which provides you with this type of furniture.


A wooden chest of drawers/wardrobe will go a long way to adding this rural countryside living feel to your urban property. Also, think about things like your dining table and chairs, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, and so on. Basically, most of your furniture should be wooden, including your bed as well! This creates an almost cottage-like feel, which adds to the authentic rustic design.

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Completely Renovate Your Kitchen/Bathroom


Most rooms in your home can be turned rustic with just a few alterations to the furniture/wallpaper/flooring. However, your kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that need a good old fashioned renovation. If you step into a rural countryside home, you’ll notice a stark contrast in how these two rooms look compared to their modern counterparts.


In a rustic bathroom, you need a nice big path and stone tiled flooring to give off that rural feel. The kitchen is probably where the biggest changes will happen. Wooden flooring is a must here, along with grand counters and brick tiling on the walls. I’ve even seen people have breakfast bars that look like they’re made out of brickwork too, which I think creates a lovely traditional look.


Of course, other rooms in your home are important to work on as well. I just feel as though if you get these two big projects out the way, then the rest of your home falls into place. Also, there’s just something amazing about cooking in a rustic kitchen or having a long bath in a country-style bathroom. You feel like you’ve been transported away from the city. It’s so comforting.

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Grow Your Own Produce


Loads of people choose to move to the countryside because they want to own a lot’s of land. With a lot’s of land, you have room to grow crops and start your own little farm. It’s a key aspect of rural countryside living; being surrounded by lovely crops and food that you grow yourself.


Well, you can take this into an urban household, but on a much smaller scale. If you have a back garden, you can turn it into a mini farm of your own. Plant your own produce, and start growing vegetables, fruit; whatever you want. It immediately gives your home more of a rural countryside look and feel. Not only that, but you become more self-sufficient too, and get to eat fresh food all the time.


This is definitely a great idea for people that are preparing to move to the rural countryside later in life. Let’s say you want to retire to a country home in ten or twenty years time. Well, having your own mini produce farm in your garden is a great way to help you prepare for what lies ahead.

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So, those of you that want to live the rural life, but can’t get away from your urban setting, try these ideas to bring the rural countryside to your home. I feel like rustic interior design is more welcoming that some of the modern designs out there, so it can really make a house feel like home. What’s more, it’s just a good idea for home decor if you want to try something different. Everyone is looking to have modern homes these days, so why not buck the trend and try a traditional approach instead?


Even in an urban homestead you can create a rural countryside feel to your home.


Do you live in an urban area? Do you have a rural countryside feel to your home? Can you offer other suggestions for our readers to add some elements to their homes? Please leave your comment in the box below.


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