The Do’s And Don’ts Of Rug Cleaning And Maintenance

For many homeowners, an area rug is a significant investment piece. It keeps their floors warm and divides certain areas in your home. Beyond that, an area rug also contributes to a home’s overall aesthetic.

Rugs are always abundant and in high demand in the home sections of stores. If you’re after more special and expensive rugs, there are specialty shops dedicated to these rugs alone. But it might not be enough to buy rugs—you also need to keep them looking their best. Plus, specialty rugs will need more specific cleaning compared to regular rugs.

If you want to get a professional rug cleaning, you can always call experts like or others near your area. But in between those professional cleaning sessions, you have the responsibility of keeping them clean throughout the year.

Read on to find out some do’s and don’ts when rug cleaning, so you can keep them looking brand-new.

Man performing rug cleaning

Do: Call An Expert Rug Cleaning Service

Regular cleaning of your rugs is something you can do as part of your home cleaning routine. However, calling experts for a professional cleaning job might be the wiser decision when you want clean rugs. Do this at least once or twice a year to keep your rugs in tip-top shape. 

You might have to pay for their services. But when caring for expensive rugs, you can’t discount the expertise of professional rug cleaners. Not only are they skilled at what they do, but they have the equipment to ensure the best for your rugs.  Consider rug cleaning services south perth for all of your professional rug and carpet cleaning services going forward.

Most importantly, professionals know how to deal with and care for all sorts of rugs. Say you have a rug that requires special care. You can count on professional cleaners to know how to clean that particular rug without damaging it. 

professional Carpet Cleaner

Do: Vacuum Your Rugs Daily 

You should vacuum your home every day, especially if you have pets and young children. If you don’t have the time to vacuum your home, you can get robot vacuums that you can pre-set to clean at specific times of the day. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, you could do some research online to find the best vacuum robot for your home and needs. If you don’t vacuum your home regularly, pet dander and food crumbs are bound to settle on the rug. This can make your rugs feel as dirty as it looks.

Give your rugs a quick vacuum, especially after meals. You can skip the rugs in areas with low foot traffic and reserve that for at least a once-weekly schedule. For your dining room, kitchen, and living space, cleaning experts highly recommend sticking to a daily cleaning routine.  

Woman vacuuming carpet

Don’t: Use Hot Water Too Often

If you’ve had rugs at home for some time now, you may already be familiar with the “hot water extraction” method. This method simply refers to using hot water to remove stubborn stains and dirt that settled in the rug’s fibers when rug cleaning. 

Hot water is effective for this purpose, but it doesn’t mean you can do it frequently. Overdoing it can become more disastrous than it is beneficial. If the water hasn’t dried from the rug, it can become the perfect breeding ground for microbial growth. In the long run, this makes your carpet look bad and unhygienic.

Use hot water on your rug only as needed. A good example is when you have to clean a big stain, like a wine stain, after a party at home.

Wine stain on carpet

Don’t: Leave Spills On For A Long Time 

The “clean as you go” policy is one of the top cleaning principles of the most well-kept homes. When you make it a habit to leave a certain area of your home clean after using it, you won’t have to worry about a more challenging cleanup later. You also ensure you leave no place for pests or bacterial microbes to infest.

This same principle applies to your carpet or rugs. Once you see a spill, clean it immediately while it’s still easy to deal with. The longer you leave it to settle, the harder it will be to clean. Worse yet, you might have to bring out harsher cleaning chemicals or methods, which, when done incorrectly, may only damage your rugs. 

Women with pink glove cleaning stain on carpet

The Bottomline On Rug Cleaning

A well-kept rug can brighten up and elevate any space at home. On the contrary, dirty and dingy rugs do the opposite, making your home look and feel unpleasant. Avoiding this entails a bit of effort from the homeowner and their trusted professional rug cleaner. With good care, your rug can look its best, despite the obvious wear and tear it may go through in your household.

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