Are Ruby Sliders Worth the Money? Here is What You Need to Know

Ruby Sliders are an ultra-tight, flexible cover designed to protect furniture legs. These can be used on table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, and much more! Ruby Sliders come with a flexible seal that helps hold the sliders to any sized leg. 

Their unique design is what helps them protect your floors so effectively. They are made with an ultra-tight, nano-weave material along with industrial grade glue that’s built to last. Even if you use them on heavy furniture, you can expect Ruby Sliders to hold up under pressure. 

When it comes to protecting and taking care of the items in your home, it’s important to find quality materials that will last. This guide takes a closer look at whether or not Ruby Sliders are worth the money. Read on to learn more.

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Benefits of Ruby Sliders

When considering whether Ruby Sliders are right for you and worth the extra cost, it’s important to know what they offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of them below.

Quiet Furniture

When most people start decorating and furnishing your home, they don’t think about the noise that accompanies furniture. Sliding chair legs and table legs across the floor can be louder than expected and come with a harsh screech. 

This screech isn’t only annoying, but it can also be frustrating for your neighbors if you live in an apartment complex. This is the beauty of Ruby Sliders. They are designed to glide over floors so you don’t hear a sound. Say goodbye to the horrible screech your furniture makes and hello to peace and quiet in your home!

Protection for Your Floors

Another benefit of Ruby Sliders is that they offer protection for your floors. The sound your furniture makes when it moves on your floor is only a hint of the scratches and scuffs that can occur. When you invest in a home or apartment, it’s important to take care of it.

This includes making sure your floors stay in good condition. From desks and chairs to TV stands, if you have furniture pieces with legs, it’s important to use them to protect your floors.  

In turn, they also protect the legs of your furniture from getting scraped and scuffed from regular wear and tear. If you plan to resell your furniture or want to maintain the value of each piece, Ruby Sliders can make all the difference. 

Easy to Move Furniture with Ruby Sliders

When you have little children, they need help doing many things. If you have heavy furniture and chairs, this could include moving the furniture. Ruby Sliders make it easy to glide furniture across the floor so they don’t have to use much strength. 

Built to Last

What sets Ruby Sliders apart from the crowd? Other products offer similar benefits, so why should you consider them? The key is in the industrial grade glue that holds them together. Not only is this important for their regular, daily function, but it’s also important to help Ruby Sliders last. 

When you slide heavy furniture around, it can take a toll on a regular set of furniture protectors. Ruby Sliders, however, have heavy duty adhesive along with specially woven covers that add a level of durability and long-lasting protection to your investment.  

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What Other People are Saying

Whether you’re investing in an expensive form of gear or looking for the best service in town, it’s important to know what other people are saying. Looking at the Ruby Sliders Reviews will help you determine whether or not this investment is worth it for you. 

All in all, those with furniture love them. When you own a home or rent an apartment, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Replacing flooring can be expensive and cleaning your floors is time consuming and requires high levels of physical exertion. They are an affordable solution to help protect your floors from scuffs, scratches, and marks. 

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Are Ruby Sliders Worth the Money?

If you’re considering whether or not Ruby Sliders are worth the money, the answer is yes! They absolutely are. Ruby Sliders can keep your floors and furniture legs in good condition and extend their life in your home. They also keep moving furniture quiet and easy to move for little ones. 

Plus, with industrial strength adhesive, strong materials that are built to last, and a 10 year guarantee, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will last!

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