Roof Hatches: 3 Important (FAQs) About Installing Them on Commercial Buildings

When you look at a commercial building, you will find many features that make it functional. You have features like the windows that allow occupants to see outside and provide natural light into the building. The HVAC system offers quality cooling and heating to keep the building’s inside temperature balanced.

Another feature that every commercial building should have is a roof hatch. You might think that they are not that important for a building, but they provide many benefits. Before you make your purchase, we will cover some common questions about installing roof hatches on commercial buildings.

Roof Hatches

roof hatch

FAQ #1: Why Are They Necessary?

You need to know about roof hatches because they provide convenient access to your commercial building’s roof. Whenever you need some maintenance or repairs done on your roof, roofing contractors can get to the roof as quickly as possible.

It is important to install them, especially if your building is tall and where propping a ladder at the building’s side will not work. You can find more information on a professional installation here.

Besides providing convenient access to your roof, the roof hatch also works as another layer of security to prevent unauthorized individuals from getting into your building. Most commercial buildings can have multiple entry points located at the top of the building, like the duct systems. However, manufacturers ensure that no one can gain entry to the ducts without cutting through and causing noise to alert security personnel.

FAQ #2: How Durable Are They?

Roof hatch manufacturers create them while keeping efficient security in mind. They build them strong and reinforce them so they are difficult to penetrate. If someone tries to open it by damaging it, the only weak point would possibly be the locking mechanism.

What is excellent about them is they have durable materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to harsh weather elements, ensuring that your building doesn’t have to worry about rain or snow going in. You can even find some with a skylight that lets sunlight into the building, bringing in more natural light.

FAQ #3: What Are the Added Benefits?

As mentioned, the primary purpose of the roof hatch is to provide easy entry to your building’s roof. Roofing contractors use it to do roofing maintenance or repairs, and they also use it to pass their tools and small equipment up to the roof. Even if you only have a one-story commercial building, it would be best to install a roof hatch.

A roofing contractor or other maintenance personnel could get seriously injured using a ladder to go up to the building’s roof. With a roof hatch, this hazard is diminished.

If you plan on installing one today, look for the best-selling roof hatches which are one way to measure a product’s quality. The higher the roof hatch’s quality, the better more functional your building will be.

You might think that roof hatches are not that important for a building, but they provide many benefits. Before you make your purchase, we will cover some common questions about installing roof hatches on commercial buildings.

Final Thoughts on Roof Hatches

As you can now see, roof hatches are very important for the ease and the safety of roofers on a commercial building even if the building is simply a single story. These hatches are durable, secure, and easy to have installed. Some even come with a skylight for added lighting.

Maybe it is time to consider having one installed in your commercial building.


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