3 Important Ways To Choose a Roof Hatch that Matches Your Condominium

There may come a time when you are looking for ways to make your condominium building more functional. You have several options in making it practical, such as adding fire protection systems, automatic sliding doors, or updating the windows. Installing a roof hatch is one other way of increasing your condominium’s overall functionality.

Whether residential or commercial, most building owners install hatches because it’s the most effective way of gaining access to a building’s roof with ease. If you plan on installing a hatch on your condominium, you need to keep in mind several tips to ensure you purchase the perfect hatch.

condo roof hatch as a skylight

What is a Roof Hatch?

A roof hatch is a horizontal door that covers roof openings and offers access by way of ship stairs, interior ladders, or service stairs. The climbing apparatus will depend on the building’s interior size. If the space is small, you can install a ladder or service stair to reach the hatch. And if you have a higher ceiling but do not want to install an interior ladder, you are better off installing a ship stair.

Choosing Between Personnel and Equipment Hatches

There are at least two hatch variations you can install on your condominium building. One is for personnel and the other is for equipment use. The difference between them is that the personnel hatch can only accommodate an average-sized person. However, a time will arrive when you will need to bring up large and heavy equipment that will not fit through the personnel hatch.

That would be the perfect time to install an equipment roof access hatch because it is big and wide enough for any extensive building system or component to pass through. You will need it whenever you need to add another HVAC or duct system to your condominium building since these systems usually have parts that technicians place on the rooftop.


Selecting the Roof Hatch Size

Another tip when choosing a hatch is its size. What is excellent about a hatch is you can get them in different sizes, ensuring that your contractors can install them on any roof opening without a problem. Some building owners prefer buying Milcor Roof Hatches because of their durability and the custom sizes available that you can purchase.

Determining the Roof Hatch Type

Besides choosing the sizing of roof hatches, you also need to know which type suits your building best. In most cases, industrial buildings would install skylight roof hatches because they can let in natural sunlight. The most ideal for condominiums are energy-efficient roof hatches because they provide quality insulation that prevents cold and heat transfer.

Energy-efficient roof hatches are beneficial to every building because they keep your condominium’s temperature balanced and lessen your cooling and heating system’s energy consumption. The less electricity your building systems consume, the more you can save in money that you can use for other purposes.

Ship stairs leading to a roof hatch

Final Thoughts on Installing Roof Hatches on Your Condominium

Do not forget about the many benefits that roof hatches can provide for your condominium. One benefit that you can get is that roofing contractors and maintenance personnel can finish their jobs as quickly as possible. If you want to experience more benefits, don’t think twice about installing one today!

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