Rodents: Reliable Methods to Remove Them From The Garden

Rodents can be wonderful little creatures when they are in the right place! Unfortunately, these little critters may look sweet, however, they can inflict a ridiculous amount of damage in a small amount of time.

Whether that damage is to the property and structural damage, eating all of the birdseed and suet in the garden, or getting into the beloved vegetable patch, undoing all the hard work it took to grow the food. This is not really ideal for the home gardener. 

This post will discuss prevention techniques to keep rodents out of the garden and keep the vegetables unharmed! 

A rodent eating nuts

How to Tell if There is a Rodent Problem

First of all, it is crucial to find out if the garden does actually have a rodent problem. It is common to see all kinds of wild species, but most are just passing through.

However, to spot a rodent infestation is less about spotting the actual creatures and more about spotting the things going missing. Another tell-tale sign can also be piles of miscellaneous garden items, tunnels, and of course, droppings. 

Rodents like to chew plants from the leaf down to the root, and then leave the root, so if all of a sudden those fresh shoots that were popping up in the garden are not there anymore, there is probably a good reason!

Rodents tunnel in yard

Why are Wild Rodents a Threat?

Due to no fault of the wild rodents, there is a danger of diseases being spread which can be dangerous to humans such as Lyme’s disease (from harboring ticks) and Salmonellosis. 

Any fruit or vegetables that have been grown in the garden must be washed as thoroughly as possible every time, with or without an infestation!  

Rodents can spread several damaging pathogens around the garden, which can put those who eat vegetables from there at risk, causing stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Eliminate Food Sources in the Garden

Rodents are impressively agile, so even when the bird feeder is hanging off a 10ft tree, they are sure to find a way up there. 

Although it is sad for the birds, for the time being, you should eliminate food sources from the garden. This can include birdseed, suet, mealworms, and also compost piles. This might encourage those pesky critters to move on.

For large infestations, find a professional rodent control service, and have a chat about what is best.  

A rat in a bird feeder

Remove Any Shelters That Have Been Made

Like all animals, rodents are just trying to survive. Finding a food source, water, and building shelter are all normal activities, and had these activities been conducted in the woods, no harm would be done! However, they cannot tell the difference between an urban garden and a woodland, and this can pose some threats to those who live there.

Shelters will be built up of natural bits and pieces around the garden such as wood and leaves. Setting up home in a compost pile, woodpile or anywhere dry and warm is an excellent place to look. 

Destroying the shelter that has been built will contribute to discouraging them to stay. 

If you are worried about rodents in your gardens, this post will help you eliminate them and prevent future visits.

Final Thoughts…

Rodents are not always a nuisance, however, when they decide to take residence in your gardens it is a whole other story. Just the damage they can make is enough reason to want them gone. Take the above tips and suggestions to rid your gardens of these critters once and for all.

Have you battled with rodents on your homestead? What measures have you taken to rid your homestead of them? Do you have any tips or tricks that you can share that may help others? Please share them in the comment section below.

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