How To Choose The Right Furnace Filter For Homes With Pets?

Aren’t your pets precious and beneficial to you? You must want to keep your pets in your house safely and, at the same time, try to maintain healthy air quality. Unfortunately, pet danders are a great reason to make your indoor air quality poor. In addition, animals don’t only pollute your indoor air but also affect people with breathing issues. So, as a house owner, you all should know how to choose the right furnace filter for your home with pets and allow your family members to live healthily and comfortably. 

various furnace filter sizes

Do Furnace Filters Work to Reduce Pet Allergens?

Many companies offer quality furnace filters for homes with pets to eliminate pet allergens significantly. If you fit the filter appropriately into your system, it will work very effectively. These filters are great for reducing the number of air particles, dust, and dirt in the indoor air. Note that you must understand to what extent the furnace filters work well to remove irritating air allergens. 

Depending on your system’s needs, you have to choose a furnace filter with the right design and materials. You need to fit the right one to expect your air filter to capture the desired amount of air particles. Only some furnace filters are suitable for some homes. However, any standard filter is good enough to clean indoor air satisfactorily. 

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Furnace Filters for Homes With Pets 

Having pets in your house has a drawback, as they reduce air quality and immensely affect people with breathing issues or respiratory symptoms. When you want to purchase a furnace filter, there are some factors to consider to get the best outcome. It is not difficult to find out the right furnace filter, but you will get the most accessible ways from the ideas shared below: 

1. Merv Rating

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which is the most important thing to consider before buying a furnace filter. The MERV rating of a filter indicates how effectively a filter is capturing the air particles and what type of particles it can filter. The higher the rating is, the better filtration it gives.  

Furnace filters in homes with pets should have higher MERV ratings since this indicates better filtering ability. MERV 8 to MERV 13-rated filters are considered the best option for pet allergies and dander. A filter above MERV 8 can remove almost 85% of large airborne particles and 50% of tiny particles.  

2. Size of the Filter

The size of the furnace filters is another major factor to consider before shopping. Your air filter must fit into the heating system of your house. There are some ways to measure the system’s area. You should go through all the necessary paperwork to determine the best furnace filter for your system. The old filter’s measurement will help you choose the new size. If you haven’t purchased any filter before, measure the length, width, and thickness using measurement tape. 

3. Maintenance Requirements

Before buying a furnace filter, you should also check out how many months or years it may last and what factors to consider cleaning and maintaining them. For example, some filters are reusable, and some are disposable. Whatever the filter type is, you should know the requirements to maintain them.

4. Price 

There are many affordable furnace filters. However, you should compromise the budget to buy a high-quality furnace filter. A good furnace filter will have a positive effect on indoor air quality. 


Some furnace filters are designed to keep pet dander, bad odor, or fur out of indoor air. Choose the right one for your HVAC unit to eliminate the maximum amount of indoor air allergens. Mervfilters company offers furnace filters for pets and suggests that customers use them rightly without eliminating their best-furry-friends. 

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