Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Choosing to replace a parking lot is a very tough decision. We’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars at the very least. This is a serious expense for any business. 

If you’re a small business on a tight budget and you have cash flow issues, you might be wondering if it would be a good idea to make some spot repairs or resurface your parking lot instead of replacing it. There are some cases where this might be possible. But there are others where you’ll only be kicking the can down the road.

There are a few cases where you’ll have no choice but to replace it immediately. Let’s take a look at when you could repair or resurface your parking lot and when you should go for a replacement.

Parking lot with cars parked

The Asphalt is 15 Years Old or More

If your parking lot was installed more than 15 years ago, there’s a strong chance you’ll have to replace it. Asphalt structures are supposed to last about 15 to 25 years on average. But you have to look at the shortest end of the spectrum with parking lots since they aren’t treated like your average driveway.

Even if the damage looks minor, making repairs or resurfacing will only make things look better on the surface. You’ll eventually have to go for a full replacement. So any savings you may have thought you’d made by going for a repair will have been nullified.

old parking lot

The Parking Lot Has Some Structural Issues

If your parking lot has some deep potholes, swelling, or deep cracks that sink into the ground, there’s a strong chance that you’re dealing with structural issues. And if this is the case, there is very little that you’ll be able to do besides replacing the asphalt.

You can always try some spot repairs. But this is often the sign of widespread damage. You will have to call an expert to tell you what the severity of the situation is.

A reputable company, like this one at can help. They’ll be able to look over your parking and tell you exactly what’s going on. They can also tell you what the best course of action should be.

Only a professional team will be able to tell you how damaged the structure and asphalt really are. You should call at least two or three companies and see what they say.

Their answers should be consistent and if one is a clear outlier, then they’re probably lying. Stick with the other ones and ask as many questions about the process as possible.

Cracked parking lot

Small Cosmetic Issues

If the asphalt has small cracks smaller than a quarter inch in width and a few inches deep, then you could consider repair. Repairs should only be considered if less than 30% of the parking lot is damaged too.

Having the area resurfaced will make it look good as new. And it could save you a bit of money. But this could be excessive if the asphalt is still very new. If the parking looks good outside of the cracks, then these could be filled, even on your own in some cases. Using line marking stencils ensures precise and consistent boundaries on sports fields and parking lots.

Now that you know a bit more about what you should do with your parking lot, you can start looking at your options. You’ll have to look at the age of your driveway and your budget. Then choose the right people to work with.

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