Homestead Renovation Secrets: 3 Things You Wish You’d Known Before Getting Started

Are you considering a homestead renovation?

If you’ve managed to get settled in a homestead, you’re already living the dream life. The vast openness and lush greenery of a homestead turn every day into a vibrant holiday. As people remain confined to their homes due to the pandemic, living on a homestead seems like an even bigger blessing.

Whether you’re moving into a new farmhouse or have stayed at the property for a few years, you might feel the urge to jazz it up a bit. Perhaps you want to replace the old kitchen fixtures with new ones. Or you’d like to upgrade the living room with some new furniture. Or you might want to make your bedroom cozier with some newly painted walls.

In any case, a homestead renovation project might be long overdue.

Now, if you’ve ever renovated your home, you’d know that it isn’t a smooth walk in the park. Between finding the right contractors and outlining a renovation plan, it’s easy to lose your sleep and sanity. These challenges are further compounded when you’re planning to renovate a homestead.

The good news is that giving your homestead a makeover doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few useful homestead renovation tips that’ll come in handy whenever you kickstart the project. Let’s dive right in.

Living room beinf renovated

1. Have a Safe Space

If you can move into another place until all the renovation activities are done, nothing like it. But that’s going to be impractical for most people.

If you’ve got kids and pets in your family, shifting to a new place could seem like uprooting their life. Also, when you live off the premises, coordinating with different contractors can turn into a huge struggle.

That’s why it is wiser to create a safe space in your home that’s free from all construction activities. The good thing about a farmhouse is that you’ll have plenty of room to spare, even during a renovation.

Ideally, you’d want to set aside a couple of rooms that are going to remain untouched throughout the renovation. Or schedule the renovation in phases, so that you can find a few habitable rooms at any stage.

Move your essentials, such as phone chargers, kids’ toys, snacks, etc., into the room. The idea is to prevent your family members from venturing into construction materials and debris in search of everyday items.

Rest of the house blocked off from the construction area

2. Don’t Ignore the Furniture

Given the vastness of a homestead, it’s easy to lose sight of various things while renovating the property. You might miss out on those cracks on the wall behind the television cabinet. Or you could overlook the leaky faucet in the guest bathroom.

But the biggest mistake you can make is to retain your old furniture. The last thing you want is to end up with drab, rickety furniture in a newly refurbished farmhouse. Before your existing furniture turns into an eyesore, make sure you give it a glam makeover too.

Take stock of all the pieces you’ve got to identify the ones that are worth salvaging. Find a carpenter who can restore old furniture with polish and veneer.

If you’re planning to buy new furniture, carefully choose pieces that’ll blend well with the general decor themes of your homestead. Make sure you visit a few local furniture showrooms before making a purchase.

So, if your homestead is situated somewhere near Franklin, compare prices from different furniture stores in Franklin, TN with great ratings and reviews. Also, find out whether they offer additional services, such as delivery and assembly, for free.

New furniture being built for the new room remodel

3. Prioritize Meal Prep

Here’s one thing nobody tells you about renovating your home – you won’t be in a frame of mind to do any cooking. Even if you’re not the one doing all the heavy lifting, supervising all the contractors can be physically and mentally exhausting.

It won’t be too long before you find yourself ordering takeout two or three times a day. And you don’t need someone to tell you what that’s going to do to your health.

An easy trick for avoiding such scenarios is to prepare your meals for at least a week. Use ziplock bags to store cut fruits in the freezer for your go-to breakfast smoothies. Cut veggies, make sauces, and marinate meats to take care of lunch and dinner.

Ladder against wall

In Conclusion

Anyone will tell you that renovating a homestead is going to be time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. What they won’t tell you is that there are various ways to make the process easy.

While your contractors will work on the fundamental aspects, such as plumbing, electricity, etc., don’t forget to upgrade the furniture too. Also, prep your meals for the week and find a safe space on the property to minimize the stress of renovation on your family members.

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