Relaxing on the Homestead: 8 Ways to Do It in Style

Relaxing on the homestead, unfortunately for most homesteaders seems a dream sometimes. With all the stress and pressures involved, it is hard to get away and take some time for yourself.

Living on a homestead and looking after the grounds can help you craft an exciting and healthy lifestyle. Seasonal produce, fresh air, natural surroundings, and the presence of animals are all positive factors that contribute to mental and physical well-being.

You can also make sure that your body is healthy by incorporating supplements from somewhere like Gundry MD into your diet to aid with specific things like heart health and digestion, plus general overall well-being.

At the same time, work can never seem to stop, and stress can quickly build up over time. Indulging in a relaxing afternoon or evening can help you replenish your energy and save you from burn-out. And you can do so in style!

relaxing outside

Tips for Relaxing on The Homestead

Enjoy the sun with a book and a glass of wine.

Looking at the beautiful grounds of your homestead in a different way can take a bit of practice. Yet, once you have achieved so, the possibilities to relax and enjoy nature are endless. Start by making a clear distinction between your work and personal life, then explore the hidden potential of your homestead’s grounds. 

If you are a wine lover, there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine on your patio or lawn while reading your favorite book. While extraordinarily relaxing and refreshing, this activity does not take much planning. However, carving some time for yourself in the evening can be challenging, especially if you look after the whole family. 

A woman with a glass of wine and a book

Start practicing this by claiming some time for yourself and reorganizing your daily duties and errands. While the rest of the day might seem a little more hectic than you would prefer, you can now have something to look forward to in the evenings.

Indulge in a bubble bath

Bubble baths can seem a luxury only accessible by some lucky individuals. However, after spending the whole day on your homestead’s grounds, indulging in a long bath can help you clear your mind and reduce fatigue. 

For a luxurious touch, invest in scented candles and play your favorite tunes. Often, taking care of our bodies and physical health can have incredible benefits on our mental well-being and morale. 

Woman in a bubble bath

Once you switch to this way of thinking, investing in a few extra accessories to enjoy the time dedicated to yourself does not seem such an investment anymore! If you are looking at making this experience even more exclusive, you can have a hot tub at home and enjoy a water massage.

Meditating outdoors

Meditating might not have been a priority for you so far, yet the benefits yielded by this practice cannot be ignored. Regular sessions of mindful meditation are beneficial to relieve stress and enhance self-awareness, and even keep at bay psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Since you are lucky enough to enjoy open spaces and natural surroundings, you should make the most of it by crafting a corner for yourself to meditate. While this might require you to clear the designated area and reorganize the space, creating a mindful routine can soon reduce stress and fatigue.

Use these awesome tips to learn how to start relaxing on your homestead and give yourself a break from the regular homestead stress.

Aside from rejuvenating the body, this simple practice can reduce memory loss and increase the attention span: you are bound to see these effects during your days at work!


Summer is on our doorstep, so why not make the most out of your sun-flooded gardens and grounds?! For the perfect holiday-like corner, clean out an area of your homestead and add some basic furniture, such as sunbeds and a table to hold your freshly brewed ice tea! This simple introduction can help you make the most out of the sun and warmth if you are not planning a far-flung holiday this year.


Since this activity does not require you to plan ahead, you can make the most out of your garden any summer weekend or free afternoons. 

Enjoy breakfast in bed.

Having breakfast in bed is one of those luxuries that not everybody can enjoy regularly. In some cases, it doesn’t seem very easy to find the time to have a proper breakfast altogether!

Couple having breakfast in bed

However, while living in a homestead can surely be hectic, taking a day or morning off is paramount to preserving your energy and excitement. So, treat yourself to a late-morning breakfast in bed, better if prepared with the fresh produce from the homestead’s grounds. 

Plan a picnic

The fact that you are on beautiful grounds and immersed in stunning natural surroundings can become something you get quickly used to, forgetting about the beauty of it. Regain your connection with nature by planning a picnic or alfresco dinner during the good season!

Picnic setting

You can do so by picking the best spot in the garden and getting it ready with simple furniture, such as a table and chairs. Inviting over your friends and family can be an excellent way to catch up on their lives and have a different experience from the meal you enjoy every night. Even better, you can get the chance to show off your produce!

Take a walk

The benefits of making time for a small wonder among nature are endless. Through this simple activity, you can strengthen your muscles, keep fit, burn calories, and regulate blood sugar. At the same time, walking can help you relax, fight fatigue, and inspire creativity. After just a 30 minutes-long walk, you can go back and enjoy your renewed energy and morale. 

Talking a walk

Don’t forget to play your favorite tunes while on the way to craft the perfect me-time!

Glamping in your backyard

The chances are that, if you have grown up loving natural surroundings, it is because you had made a tent in your garden at least once when you were a kid. Just because some years have passed, there is no reason why you should not recreate the magic of such nights. Of course, you can add all the luxuries you need to spend a night camping in style. 

camping in the backyard

Don’t hold back with accessories! Make sure you have a comfortable bed, enough covers, and pillows to have a restful sleep. Place a little table just outside your tent to enjoy a glass of wine or dinner alfresco before going to sleep – you can make this a very romantic evening for you and your partner!

 Relaxing on the homestead, unfortunately for most homesteaders seems a dream sometimes. Use these ideas for yourself and start taking some time off.

Final Thoughts on Relaxing on the Homestead

The preceding ideas will allow you many ways for relaxing on the homestead. Do you have other ideas you can share? Please tell me your thoughts in the comment box below!


  1. Hi Annie,
    I hopped over from Homestead Blog Hop to check out your intriguing tips for relaxing on the homestead. These ideas are so appealing. Walking outdoors, reading a good book and taking a bath are my faves! I look forward to relaxing much more this summer. I’m pinning and sharing this post.

    1. Author

      Thank you Deborah! A hot bath is definitely one of my fav’s!

  2. I’m so proud of you mom !! The strongest most intelligent woman I know !

    1. Author

      THanks so much! That means the world to me!

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