3 Tip on How To Reimagine Your Landscape Design

There’s a certain sense of calmness and tranquility in a landscaped yard. Along with trees, shrubs and flowers—maybe even fruits or vegetables—a well-landscaped yard will have distinct pathways, sitting areas and garden accessories. When you reimagine the design of your landscape, here are three things to consider. This is by no means a complete list, but merely something to get you started on your journey.


To reimagine your landscape design you need a plan.

3 Tip on How To Reimagine Your Landscape Design



Repurpose Plants or Hardscape


As you are looking to change your design, consider everything that is already in your yard. You may be able to reuse that rusty garden gate as a trellis for a climbing vine. Perennial plants can be dug up and replanted in a new configuration. Even small- to medium-sized shrubs can be relocated without too much of a setback.


A rusty gate is an excellent feature to include when you reimagine your landscape design.


Are only a few of the paving stones on your patio chipped or broken? The rest can easily be used to create a pathway. They could also be reconfigured into a planter that can become the new centerpiece of your yard. Perhaps a collection of decorative pots can be reconfigured into a fountain for a unique water feature.


Large rocks used in a garden path is a way to reimagine your landscape design.


Do you have indoor furniture that could be repurposed outside? If they are rattan or metal, it’s possible that you could use them to create a new sitting area in the shade of a tree or beneath a trellis supporting a fragrant rose.


Another great way to add interest to your design is by using indoor furniture outdoors.


If you are able to financially consider using a landscaping service that can help you redesign your yard. Many will work with you on even small jobs especially local services. For example, landscaping services Battle Ground, WA will work with you to create the design you imagine, whether you want to recycle some of your existing plants and landscape features or install new ones. Professionals can definitely improve the curb appeal, value, and usability of your yard.



Don’t Buy Mature Plants, Shrubs, and Trees


Think of your landscape as a living, breathing member of your team. It usually takes less than three growing seasons to grow a shrub or perennial from just-propagated-size at the nursery to nearly full-grown. In the meantime, you have the option of removing the plants if it turns out they didn’t quite fit in with your plan. Plus you’ll save a lot of money versus buying nursery stock that has been growing for two or three years.


Use various sized treed and plants when you design your landscaping.


If your plans include trees for shade, privacy or to absorb traffic noise, consider getting varieties that are fast-growers. With proper care, watering and feeding, some tree varieties will grow several feet in a single growing season. In this case, it makes sense to start with a smaller specimen. Before you know it, you’ll be tilting your head back to look at the top.


Use larger and smaller trees in your landscape design.


In many cases, smaller landscape specimens can catch up to or even overtake older, more mature specimens that cost hundreds of dollars or more. Small plants generally suffer less transplant shock and tend to take-off faster in their new home than do larger plants that have gotten used to the conditions in which they were grown previously.



Details, Details, Details


Every designer knows that details matter. So don’t forget to include a few items with a little bling. Glass or metal are eye-catching during the day. Small glass ornaments or lanterns hanging from tree branches sparkle in the sunlight. Metal wind sculptures or artwork seem to come alive when basking in a patch of sun.


Lantern hanging in a tree.


Just like sparkly glass and metal are stars of the daytime, lights are stars of the night. Not bright, overpowering lights. Choose something as simple as a blue light shining up from ground level on the side of a stucco house. You will find it is neither overpowering nor gaudy. In the semi-darkness of city life, at nighttime, a blue light catches the eye but does not outshine everything surrounding it.


Also, consider installing an up-facing light shining up the trunk of a mature tree. If you use a cool color like purple or blue, it has the effect of turning the tree trunk into a nighttime piece of art.


Small, subtle lights that illuminate a pathway will add more nighttime interest to your landscape. Many styles are available with built-in solar panels. You simply push their stakes into the ground where you want them. The sun will take care of the rest.


Pathway lights make for a great landscaping addition.


Final Thoughts on How To Reimagine Your Landscape Design


Let your imagination run wild as you plan your new landscape design. At Cutting Edge, for example, they’re there to help you make your outdoor area your pride and joy. Use the preceding tip to reimagine your landscape design and enjoy your property even more.

Try these 3 simple tips to reimagine your new landscape on your homestead easily and beautifully.





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