3 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you turn on the news, every day you will probably see a story about the climate emergency. We have reached a turning point in the history of the world where we have gone too far. We have filled the atmosphere with so much pollution; the planet can no longer take it. And we need to stop. You can do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

The argument about where the responsibility lies goes on. Should governments and world leaders take the blame, or is it the fault of big businesses that supply the products that have damaged the planet so much. While they work to try and legislate and change their ways, we the consumers should also think about our part in all of this. 

We have created a demand for throwaway products. We are the ones who want to travel all around the world regardless of the environmental impact. And, we are the ones who wish to eat food from across the planet irrespective of how it gets to us. 

Here are a few ways that you can change your habits to change the consumer demand for these problematic business strategies. 

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3 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste is one of the most significant areas that you can minimize your impact. The number of things that you throw away will have a considerable effect on the world. Yes, you are only one person in seven billion. But the more people who adopt a positive attitude to change, the better. 

Consider buying items second hand so that you are not contributing to the shipping of items from the other side of the world. Think about the real cost of a cheap piece of clothing. The environmental impact of it is quite significant. 

If something in your home breaks, it is much better to get it fixed. Appliance repairs will not only save you money; they will also stop you wasting items that don’t need to be thrown away. 

Wherever possible, opt for packaging-free products. Reducing the amount of rubbish that you dispose of will help dramatically. All of these simple changes can reduce your carbon footprint.


Learn some simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint with these quick and simple tips.

Use Green Energy

Take a look at your energy provider and find out where they are getting their power from. If they are still using fossil fuels such as coal and gas, you should move away from using them. Pick a new company that uses fully renewable energy such as solar, or hydro. 

Think about the amount of energy that you are consuming too. If you can drop the amount that you need by having a tighter control on your heating, and electricity use, then you will also be having a positive influence on the environment. That positive influence can also reduce your carbon footprint.

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Use In-Season Produce

You should try wherever to buy locally sourced, in-season produce in order to reduce the carbon footprint of your meals. Look for seasonal recipes that use the best of the food available at that time of year. Shipping fruit and vegetables from halfway across the planet for your meals is not sustainable at all. 

Grow your own vegetables and herbs. And always try to buy from a local farmer if possible.


We can all do our part to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the world and the environment. Let’s do our part!



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