5 Inspiring Ways to Redesign Your Garden This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you are not going on a vacation this year – covid restrictions pending – why not invest and redesign your garden this summer instead. You don’t want another summer like 2020. This time you can be prepared for at-home garden parties just in case. In the post below you will find a list of awesome ideas to redesign your garden for the sunny season. It includes patios, decking, raised beds, paths, and water features. Cherry-pick the ones that suit you the best. 

Redesign Your Garden

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How do you like to use your garden in the summer? Do you like to invite friends over for a BBQ or a garden party, or do you prefer to stay with family and have an outdoor dinner in the evening air? For these great ideas, you will need a patio or a deck. These are great ideas to redesign your garden into something new.

Each has its advantages. Decks are cheaper and faster to build, but patios are better for certain climates and more resilient over time. Installing a patio this summer is an excellent idea for a long-term investment, find a professional landscape design company to help. 


Decking gives you all the same benefits as a patio and offers yet another way to redesign your garden. It allows you to set up a BBQ or stove outside and invite your friends to your home for a garden party, it also lets you sit out at night under the stars with a cold beer or a glass of wine. 

Decking is a popular alternative to a patio because it is cheaper and delivers the same results. A desk also fits in well with your garden style since it is made from wood. 

Raised beds  

Raised beds are made using planks of wood joined together in a square or rectangle. Inside of the beds is filled with soil where you can plant flowers, plants, or vegetables. It is up to you. 

Vegetables are a good choice to grow in a raised bed. They give you lots of options to supplement your diet with. Homegrown vegetables can be more healthy for you because they are full of nutrients and free from chemicals. 

Raised beds

A shingle path 

A garden without a garden path is like a dining room without a table or a bedroom without a wardrobe. It is a necessary item for a garden. Most gardens have one as well but you want to make sure yours is not overgrown or outdated. 

If you want to redesign your garden with a new path this year then choose a shingle path. Shingle paths are popular because they are easy to install and last forever. There is also relatively little maintenance with a shingle path. 

A garden pond 

Water Features work very well in most gardens ‐ as long as you do not have kids going near them that could be endangered. A water feature gives you a calm and serene garden where you can relax and meditate. 

A garden pond is also a lovely way to relax in your garden this summer. Having water around takes all the heat out of the air and brings some relaxation and coolness into your hot summer garden. 

In this post, you will find a list of awesome ideas to redesign your garden for the sunny season. It includes patios, decking, raised beds, paths, and water features.

Final Thoughts on How to Redesign Your Garden

The 5 ideas above can help you to redesign your garden into the dreamy and cozy place that you deserve to have around your home. Let your imagination run wild and create a space you and your family will love as well as become a place to entertain your friends also.

Feel free to add any tips and suggestions to the comment box below.

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