Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Did you think that your home would sell quickly? Do you wonder why your home isn’t selling as fast as you thought it would? Do you feel the need to do something about it as soon as possible?

Either way, if you do nothing then you could be putting yourself in a bad situation. You may find that your house hunt is stalled.

You feel you are going to potentially lose out on money as a result of things that could be fixed. If you want to do something about your situation then all you have to do is take a look below.

Your Home Lacks Curb Appeal

Your home may not be selling because it lacks a lot of curb appeal. Buyers often make up their minds about a home because they simply cannot afford it.

If you notice that the outside of your home just isn’t looking great then it may be that you are losing out on potential buyers. You need to look at your property from the perspective of a buyer.

Everyone wants a home that they can be proud of. Make sure that you are hitting the mark here. First impressions are everything. Simple things such as making sure that your garden is tidy and that your fence is painted can make a major difference.

If your windows are in bad condition, then you should consider replacing them. You may find that buyers get the impression that your home needs a lot of work because it has not been maintained. This is the last thing you need. Put in the work to make sure that this is not the case.

Person replacing a window in a home

Your Property is Tired

If your property is tired then buyers may have a hard time looking beyond the bad decor or the appeal of your home. One way for you to work around this is to get some advice.

Ask friends and family if there is anything that could be done to bring your property back to life. Little things often make a big difference. Try and make sure that you are exploring all of your options and taking care of them.

If you are not very experienced with DIY then there is no harm in getting someone to take care of it for you. If the jobs are small then you will probably find that they can be done for a small price. You end up making a profit when your home sells anyway.

House with curb appeal

Your Home Is Cluttered

Your home might not be selling because it is cluttered. Take the time to remove anything that could be adding extra stuff to your home. This makes the rooms look bigger. This helps your buyer to see themselves in a space.

Decluttering isn’t about hiding away things. It’s about getting rid of things. If your garden is stacked high with old toys from your kids or playhouses then have a clear-out.

You may find that you can get a good amount of money from selling your items. If you don’t want to sell them then opt for a self-storage unit. By doing so, you can make sure that you are keeping all of your items. Your not without worrying about whether or not you have room for them.

Woman decluttering her closet

Photos Don’t Do It Justice

A lot of buyers start their property search online. The first image they will get of your property will probably be photos. Given the wealth of choice out there, it’s very easy for your property to get lost amongst the crowd.

Professional real estate photographs will work in your favor here. Make sure that you are hiring someone who has experience. If you can hire someone who has experience in selling your type of real estate, this will help out a lot.

Realtor taking pics of kitchen in home for sale

You are Asking too Much

Getting the asking price right for your home is so important. It will make all the difference. If you can make sure that the asking price is right then this will attract the right buyers. It will also make sure that your home flies off the market.

Bear in mind that some agents like to overestimate your home as a means of getting you to sell through them. Especially when the home doesn’t sell within the first few weeks. Then, they may lower it to the price it should be, as they then have your business.

For this reason, going with the highest price isn’t always the best option. You need to choose an agent who understands your property and your demographic. This is the best way for you to sell your home for the right price.

Your agent should also be basing the price of your home on recently sold properties in the area. You can keep this in mind it’ll help you out a lot later down the line.

Person searching neighborhood for other houses for sale on computer

The Real Estate Agent Isn’t Doing a Good Job

A lot of homeowners end up feeling like their real estate agent isn’t doing a whole lot for them. This is especially true when it comes to selling their home. If this is the case then make sure that you tell your agent this.

Ask them what you could be doing to market your property more. Make sure that they are doing everything they can too. You also have to make sure that you have regular conversations and stay in touch regarding feedback or viewings.

You must do everything you can to push your property to new heights in terms of visibility. Also that you also change agents if you do not feel as though yours is doing a good job.

Realtor discussing terms of sale with a couple in office

Key Features are Not Being Listed

Check all of the property details and also take note of the advertising that’s being done. Ensure that the agency is taking steps to highlight key benefits of the property. Also, make sure that photos make your property look as good as it can.

Read the listing to make sure that it is upbeat and that it is a true reflection of the property. If you feel as though your home could do with a bit of work but the agent has listed it as being in pristine condition then this can be misleading. It can also lead to people being disappointed when they come and see your home.

If your home has a great–sized garden or if it has other outstanding features then you have to make sure that you mentioned these. You don’t then you could end up missing out more than you realize.

If you want to help yourself to market your home then look at other properties in the local area that are similar to yours and take note of how they are being marketed. What buzzwords are included? What feelings and emotions does the listing evoke?

If you can keep things like this in mind then it’ll help you to make the most out of your property journey. That will help you to get the result you are going for.  Remember, an agent should be on your side. If you don’t feel as though they are, terminating the contract is always the best option in any situation.

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