Reasons To Use a Water Filtration System at Home Over Bottled Water

In today’s busy world, many of us simply don’t have the time to run around from store to store in search of affordable bottled water. At the same time, many people have concerns about the safety of drinking tap water that has been sitting in plastic bottles for days on end. 

For these reasons and more, investing in a water filtration system at home makes sense; not only will you save money, but you’ll be able to fill up your glass or bottle with healthier and better-tasting water too! Here are 8 reasons why you should choose water filtration over bottled water at home.

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8 Reasons a Water Filtration System is A Better Choice:

1. Health Factor

Instead of buying expensive bottled water, consider using a home water filtration system to improve your drinking water quality. Not only will you save money in the long run but you’ll also help protect yourself and your family from potential health risks that are associated with drinking unfiltered tap water. Toxins from the plastic in bottled water are common. BPA and other plastic pollutants can then make their way into your system, causing a variety of issues such as liver and kidney damage and even cancer. 

By implementing new technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, activated carbon filters, or distillation units, many contaminants can be eliminated for healthier drinking water every day!

2. Money-Saving

Also, when you drink filtered water instead of bottled water, you save on your monthly bills. Not only will your monthly water bill be less without bottled water, but you also won’t have to worry about purchasing new bottles every few weeks either!

3. Less Wastage

Experts estimate that there are more than 35 million pounds of plastic water bottles ending up in U.S. landfills each year. Instead of relying on bottled water, consider installing a water filtration system in your home and filling up reusable bottles with filtered, clean water from your tap. This way you can also avoid paying for single-serving bottles every time you need hydration!

4. Better Taste

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t like water from your tap, it’s probably because of the taste and odor. Common causes include chlorine, mineral build-up, and bad pipes. The best way to solve these problems is with a water filtration system installed under your sink. 

Consider installing one for the entire family. You’ll notice an improvement in both taste and odor almost instantly. Clean water doesn’t need to come in plastic bottles, use a filtration system to enjoy great-tasting tap water at home!

5. Environment-friendly

Plastic water bottles are harmful to both our health and our environment. Over 70 percent of discarded plastic is not recycled instead ends up in landfills where it takes more than 1,000 years to decompose. By filtering your tap water with an effective home filtration system, you reduce waste and protect your family from contaminants found in tap water (such as chlorine) that can lead to adverse health effects.

6. Longer Shelf Life

We don’t want to stock up on bottled water, only to throw it away after a few days. Not only is it bad for our wallets, but bad for the landfills as well. A water filtration system will keep your water fresh and pure throughout the year. Plus, you’ll save time by not having to run out every time you run low.

7. Variety of Options Available

With water filtration systems, you have more options than just tap or bottled water. Filters vary in size and filter capability. They can range from under-the-sink filters that work with your existing faucet, to whole-house systems, which filter all the water throughout your home. There are also pitcher filters that allow you to carry and store filtered water right in your refrigerator.

8. Quality Maintenance 

Many water filters are designed in a manner allowing them to be cleaned and maintained for years, making them an investment in the health of your family. Bottled water is indeed much cheaper than buying home-filtered systems, but you can’t control the quality of water you get. 

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Things to Consider Before Installing A Water Filtration System At Home:

  • Maintenance and Upfront Cost: It is not uncommon for these systems to need replacement filters and other maintenance items. The upfront cost can vary depending on how complex your setup is, but it’s generally between $100 and $500, plus an annual filter change. Depending on your usage and the space available, you might also have to plumb into separate areas to get more than one water dispenser. Be sure to consider these costs before installing a filtration system.
  • Water Pressure: Water pressure can be important if you’re considering installing a water filtration system. You don’t want to skimp on pressure, because inadequate flow can keep some units from performing properly. A slow flow rate is another warning sign that there might be issues with your water quality. This could result in slower-than-normal flow rates or worse; it could increase the risk of accidents and injury. Think about getting a unit that can produce higher pressure and flow rates for optimal performance!
  • Water TDS Level: A TDS meter will allow you to test the water before and after it goes through your filter. The higher your reading, the more contaminants are in your water. Check for TDS levels between 200 and 2000 before buying a filtration system. This is how you know what kind of filtration system is best for you.


Water filtration systems are not just better for your health and well-being, but they are also environmentally friendly as you won’t have to go around buying bottles of water that end up taking up a lot of space. There are many other benefits to using these systems over bottled water so give them a try! We hope it helped answer any questions you may have had about why you should use filtration systems instead of bottled water.

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  • Why should we avoid drinking bottled water?

Bottled water has lots of disadvantages such as uncontrolled water quality, excessive plastic waste, more cost, in the long run, creating health issues, and many more.  

  • What does filtered water taste like?

Filtered water tastes refreshing and much better than tap or boiled water, because of the minerals that get added during purification. 

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