10 Good Reasons to Renovate Your Home with Wood

Have you heard that you should renovate your home with wood?

Has the current theme of your lounge started to bore you? Or your old kitchen layout makes you not want to cook at all? Do you want to move out, but then the thought of packing dozens of boxes seems exhausting to you?

Whatever the reason is, we think it might be the right time to bring some change. Yes! It is about time you remodel your house. So, gear up because this will require a lot of planning.

Before anything, you have to decide on the theme and materials you want to use. There are dozens of options in the market, but nothing tops the feels of vintage flooring and furniture. And if you wonder why, one good reason is that wood is a classic. Thus, it never goes out of style. It is also very flexible and could match many interiors.

Wood windows and flooring

What Is So Good About Vintage Flooring and Furniture?

There are many pros to using reclaimed wood flooring and decor. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, reclaimed wood is a way to contribute to the ecosystem by recycling old timber. If you are up for giving your house a warm, cozy, and rustic makeover, a hint of antique hardwood flooring and furniture would be the best way to go.

You could do it all yourself if you know how to renovate to a high standard. Just ensure that you have all the tools and equipment that you require such as Planer Thicknesser, saw, sander, and so on, otherwise, you’ll be delaying the work.

Here is what you need to know about the idea:

Here is what you need to know about the idea:

Aesthetic Rustic Appeal

No matter how you tint and paint other building materials, wood vintage wood will outdo anything. The old rustic wood offers a naturally pleasing texture, colors, patterns, and grain orientation that makes it seem aesthetic without putting in the extra effort. 

Furthermore, it is so easy to carve, paint, wax, and customize in a way that brandishes its natural finesse. In short, the wood is so versatile and delightful that the only limit to what one can create out of it is proportional to one’s creativity. Likewise, wooden furniture pays off well because it gives your home a rustic look. Additionally, when you have to Restore your old Furniture, you can call professionals and get it done in no time. It gets as good as new. So, with the aesthetics, it is also long-lasting. 

Rustic look in home

Friendly With Your Wallet

House renovation can get very pricey. Even if you carry out most of the work by yourself, you will still have to worry about the cost of the required material. Here, the wood comes to save the day. It is not only easy to manage and use but budget-friendly as well. It is amazing!

Exceptional Insulation

Wood reacts to heat oppositely than other building materials like steel, glass, marble, etc. These inorganic materials might be non-combustible, but they expand. The expansion weakens the architecture of your house and increases the risk of collapse. On the contrary, the wood dries and becomes even stiffer when heated up.

If you compare, marble conducts heat 90 times faster than wood, and glass twenty-three times more. Therefore for the coolness to stay in your home, wood offers a great alternative to other building materials. The use of timber saves on thermostat bills and is thrifty. It is economically a blessing of insulation.

Wood walls and barn door in home

Environmental Friendliness

Hardwood flooring is more eco-friendly than you assume. Apart from being renewable, it is even better than brand-new wood because it has lived a long life, thus becoming sturdier. In addition, timber is not toxic and is safe to handle and touch. It does not break into environmentally degrading substances, even after getting old.

Therefore, if you are hunting for bio-friendly building materials, this might be your choice.

Sturdiness and Durability

One of the many reasons wood is preferable as a building material is its durability and remarkable strength. Where the slightest shift in the foundations of a brick-and-mortar house causes cracks to appear, the wood will move instead of cracking.

Yes, timber is flammable, but it burns gradually. It means, during a fire accident, a layer of charcoal forms on the surface of the wood hence slowing down the heat penetration. The charcoal layer acts fire-resistant and reduces the overall combustion rate of the material.

Wood cabin

Water Resistance

Many kinds of wood soak in moisture and water, but the wooden flooring can resist water. For waterproofing, the first step is to reduce the water content of the planks to the minimum by drying them. Then, the manufacturers smear heavy coats of waterproof substances on the surface. There are no less than three layers of resins at least. And finally, it is smoothly polished.

Acoustically Sound

You might have seen wood in concert halls and auditoriums. They use it because it has the natural ability to dampen the sound. The wood might not be a perfect sound insulator, but it does prevent echoes by absorbing sound waves to a great extent. If you compare it with other building competitors, wood is one of the most effective materials for the acoustic insulation of different rooms.      

Wood panels on walls

Benefits Body and Brain

The evidence from various studies suggests that being surrounded by wood leaves a soothing impact on your brain and functioning. Experts believe that exposure to wood indoors produces similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature. If incorporating reclaimed wood flooring and cladding into a built environment helps to reduce your stress levels and improve cognitive abilities, then why not?

Great for Restoration

In older houses, people used wood in floorings and staircases. So, if you are a house owner planning to restore an heirloom, reclaimed wood might suit your needs because it can easily match older styles. Besides, it can even add a beautiful feature like an old-house-inspired vintage look in a new place.

Older restored home

Goodbye, Rust

Lastly, timber does not rust. However, it can oxidize in some form, but that percentage is insignificant compared to the metal. Yes, some synthetic metals do not rust. But, they are very costly. So, where renovation within budget is the goal, there is no better option than good-quality hardwood.

Final Word:

If you plan to remodel your house, we have provided you with several reasons to renovate your home with wood. We assure you that you will be satisfied and happy because it is a forever classic choice. Not only is it versatile, but it also survives for a long period of time!

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