6 Key Reasons To Choose A House And Land Package As Your First Property

If it’s your first time buying a home, you might not be aware why it is best to choose a house and land package for your first home purchase. Since it requires large sums of money, it’s understandable how crucial this purchase is. In fact, it could be the most expensive acquisition you’ll ever have in your lifetime. And considering knowledge is power, it pays to know a lot of information beforehand.

While there are many options to buy from the real estate industry, one of the wisest investments is to go for a house and land package. Having a home builder construct your dream home can be rewarding as you follow and design everything according to how you envision them. This journey requires many tasks as you secure finance, choose the right builder, and plan your dream home.

But, if you’re still on the fence on this decision, check out some key reasons why it’s best to opt for a house and land package as your first real estate investment:

Couple giving a house model to a land developer

1. Easier Process 

Attaining your dream home through home and land packages can be easier than any real estate investment. This is because the process can be simplified since it’s already bundled. For instance, you don’t have to worry about buying the land separately and processing the house construction with another builder. That way, you’ll have a smoother building construction journey when you go for this bundled package instead.  

Having a builder that can provide you with a variety of house plans compatible with your land can be genuinely convenient and timely. You don’t have to approach different builder companies and request designs that could fit your land type. This expedited process allows you to reside in your dream home faster. All it takes is to choose a house and land package and select the best home design suitable for your taste and needs.  

2. Customized Home Design 

House and land packages offer prospective homeowners an array of floor plans and designs. You will then have the freedom to make your home reflect who you are. This can allow you to personalize and build a unique home design to your liking, especially since it will be your first owned property. 

Whether you plan to make it your residence or a commercial property, many custom designs can match your goals and needs. When all the hard work is done for you, you can rest easy knowing that the outcomes are precisely how you envisioned them. 

You may also consider having a townhouse built instead of a single story home. You will want to find a trusted melbourne townhouse builder to build according to your specifications.

It’s natural to want a customized home built according to your preference. And while buying a pre-owned home will still allow you to spruce it up and renovate everything, there may be areas and technical issues that may hinder you from achieving your dream home. But with a house and land package, you can decide everything from scratch and work with your builder every step of the way.

Custom home builder talking with couple

3. More Affordable 

Most house and land packages offer a fairly upfront price, which can be excellent for people who follow a budget. There is typically no fee associated with consultancy since the work is completed by professional designers and architects who ensure the home is of high quality and adequately fits and is oriented to the lot. 

And as such, this can help you save money for paying consultation fees and other professional services. And most of the time, house and land packages are cheaper than ready-to-move houses. 

4. Available Tax Deductions 

When you purchase house and land packages, you can deduct depreciable assets covered by construction expenses, fixtures, and fittings. Quantity surveyors can provide detailed reports detailing how much depreciation you can claim each year. This ultimately helps you save on your land and house tax dues every year. Your accountant can implement these changes. You can use that money to create modifications or add additional features to your land and home. 

Tax Deductions

5. Financing Is Easier 

Financing your project can also be much easier with a house and land package. Generally, it will take time to fund a separate land and a different builder. You will need to request to loan two additional amounts and filings, which can be troublesome and tedious. But with a house and land package, the process for financing a house and land is streamlined into a single loan. 

And since this is a package, you will be working with only one company that can help process both the land and house purchase. Loans can be approved relatively more straightforwardly, and you can only start repaying after the home is finished. This leaves out the stress and financial burdens on your part. 

6. Select A Builder Of Your Choice 

It is not always easy to trace the builder of an established home, and it can be tricky to decide which one to go for. With a house and land package, they can offer trustworthy and reputable builders that can work alongside you. You get to decide every detail and get involved in your house construction every step of the way. And as long as you select the right house builder, you can start building your home right away. 


There are various ways for you to have your dream home. For instance, you can choose a house and land packages. And with the reasons stated above, you can better understand why this can be a sound investment for you and your family. Make your dreams come true by choosing a package to meet your investment goals.

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