Real Estate Market – Current Situation & Trends

In 2022, the real estate market is facing a time of uncertainty. With trade issues and the Coronavirus impacting multiple aspects of the world, the time for the home-buying market is probably going to change in the coming years. With the real estate industry seeing an abundance of foreclosures in 2022, we may see prices begin to adjust and possibly even drop.  

To get an idea of the situation, we can look at many things. Below we talk about how the real estate market is going to evolve in the coming years and how your job may change. We also take a look at the top trends that we see in the coming years for the real estate market, including the effects that the coronavirus and trade negotiations will have on all of us.

Paper house representing the real estate market

What Will the Housing Market Look Like in 2023?

The real estate market has already had some significant changes in the last few years. For example, using virtual staging solutions became a common thing in real estate; 3D technology is now widely used in construction, and VR is something that realtors apply in their practice frequently.  Now, we will see even more changes in the near future, so don’t expect the industry to be the same in 2023. 

With the housing market in the United States, the biggest problem we have right now is that we have a decreased supply of homes, and we are still seeing this shortage. The current numbers are the worst ever.

With real estate experts saying we’ll have an even better year in 2023. With 2024 also seeing a record year for housing prices, it is safe to assume that the real estate market is going to take a significant change.

3D rendered house

An Increase in the Number of Affordable Homes

The first change we’ll see is associated with an increase in the number of affordable homes and an increase in the cost of real estate objects. There’s no reason to expect that things will be the same as they have been in the past. So we will have to expect new developments in the housing market.

Besides that, some of the areas we see today will become more suburban, and the prices will drop. This is going to be a major adjustment that most people can’t really see coming. When the real estate market was at its best, we saw a massive number of homes, especially in the suburbs.

As home prices started to rise, it was harder to build homes for those that could not afford them. As a result, the supply decreased, which led to prices going up.

We are still seeing this trend today. The price of housing continues to climb, with the overall value of the home market rising with it. But when the supply begins to climb with the demand, the market will change.

As prices drop, more people will be able to afford them. This will lead to even more demand for houses, and investment in real estate will become the new norm for many home buyers.

Rising and lowering house price trends

All in all, here are some major changes that we are going to see in the coming years with the housing market:

  • The supply of homes will continue to increase;
  • More people will be interested in living in the suburbs;
  • Prices will begin to drop significantly.

Many will say that the housing market will begin to decline after 2022, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. We are still going to have a massive number of homes to buy and sell. 

How Is Technology Changing the Industry?

Technology has already changed the way we do so many things. It is not surprising to see technology affecting the real estate business as well. And after 2022, it will affect the way we see real estate much more than it did in the past. Some of the tech we are seeing right now include:

  • Virtual Reality;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Self-Driving Cars;
  • 3D Printing.

Many of these changes will be very helpful to the real estate industry. The number of constructions and their quality will increase.

It will be way easier to make purchase decisions and visualize real estate objects with VR solutions. What is more, construction will be more ergonomic. All in all, the real estate industry will advance and move to a whole new level.

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