4 Important Tools Every Modern Real Estate Agent Needs

Real estate agents are one of the busiest individuals. They often juggle multiple tasks in a day, including contacting prospective clients, showing properties, closing deals, sending offers, and more.

Sometimes, it can feel tiring and overwhelming. When this happens, it can be more difficult to focus on the task at hand. That’s why real estate agents need to have the right tools to help them become better at what they do. 

Thanks to the latest technology, agents have access to modern solutions to ensure they stay efficient even when they have a ton of things on their to-do lists. Being able to use cloud based real estate brokerage-as-a-service platforms and other similar software, has proven to be highly beneficial for business productivity. If you are looking for useful tools to simplify your workload, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to the latest technology, agents have access to modern solutions to ensure they stay efficient even when they have a ton of things on their to-do lists. In addition, many choose to outsource some areas of the business, for instance using expert real estate accounting services so that they know exactly where they are financially and can make the most profitable decisions – and save lots on tax too! 

To learn more about the important tools that every modern real estate agent needs, read on. 

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Customer Relationship Management Software

Many real estate agents know all leads are vital to the growth of their business. But when you are communicating with multiple clients and sellers, it can be more challenging to manage. A real estate website developer can design a professional website to handle all of your marketing needs.

There is even a real estate agent wordpress theme that may benefit your business.

You might forget to follow up or fail to reply quickly, which can lose a potential sale. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you won’t have to worry about missing a single lead, repeat client, referral, or sale.

The tool helps agents manage their contacts, tasks, appointments, and more by automating the process. Most CRM software are also very easy to use so agents won’t have to struggle with the technology. 

If you think such a modern solution is costly, you can rest assured that there are affordable CRM tools available today. Some of them offer customized plans with flexible payment options. For example, Pro Agent Solutions pricing plans can be settled on a monthly or annual basis. 

Email Marketing Tool

Even with the different channels of communication that are available today, email remains to be effective when staying in touch with former and current clients. By using an email marketing tool, you can send listing notices, open house schedules, market trends, and other helpful information to prospective homebuyers and sellers.

The best thing about signing up your business for the tool is you can automate these tasks, giving you more time to grow your business.

When choosing an email marketing tool, get one that can assist you in building an email marketing strategy and monitor data. This way, you can maximize your marketing efforts and know which ones work best for your target audience. 

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Digital Scanning App

In the real estate industry, going through multiple documents is a regular task. When you have a lot of paperwork to organize, it can take up a chunk of your time—which you can use for more important tasks.

That’s why many modern real estate agents opt to digitize the process. Aside from being more environmentally friendly, digital copies can be quickly sent with just a click of a button.

You don’t have to print or deliver the document to your clients. Instead, you can attach the file and send it via email. 

If you want to streamline digitizing documents, you can install a digital scanning app on your mobile device. Simply take a photo of the physical document and the app will automatically turn it into a PDF.

Additionally, being able to email signed or finalized documents can speed up the closing process for your clients. Just make sure to consult a lawyer about the legal validity of scanned documents in your state.

Social Media Management Tool

Real estate agents recognize the value of being active on social media sites. It helps build their brand and make new connections.

However, it can be time-consuming and draining to manage multiple social media accounts. For a lot of modern agents who want to harness the power of social media, the answer lies in a social media management tool.

It helps automate social media management, so you can maximize your online connections without spending too much time on it.

Social media management tools can assist you in scheduling and publishing content. They can help you monitor activity across all channels and easily engage with your followers in one place.

Agent showing a house

Also, these tools provide analytics for your published content so that you know which ones have the highest impact online—allowing you to improve your online efforts.

As an agent, you often have to juggle multiple responsibilities, including following up with leads, communicating with clients, and finalizing deals. As your real estate business grows, it can be challenging to stay on top of every task.

You might miss out on important details, which can impact your results. Fortunately, you can use the apps and software mentioned above to streamline your workflow.

Make sure to assess what aspects of the business do you need support in. This way, you can be certain that you are investing in the right tools. 

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