Simple Tips When Working With A Real Estate Agent

Selling your home means hiring a great real estate agent. Knowing what to ask and how to research your new real estate agent is important. Once you choose your agent it helps to know you are both on the same page. If you are putting a property on the market or you already have, read on for some useful advice.

Before we go further it helps to know real estate agents do, more than sell houses. They also act as rental agents (they are known as letting agents in Edinburgh).

Simple Tips When Working With A Real Estate Agent

Is my real estate agent doing a good job?

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Playing detective on your real estate agent may seem a bit unfair. But remember, you are paying for their service or for the Letting Agents Maidstone service, so you need to make sure they are doing their job! 

Is this something that you’ll accept for your site? If so, please let me know the next steps or once this is live.

You need to make sure they are able to find enough home seller leads so you can be supplied with enough properties to view on a regular basis.

No matter how carefully you sourced them, you still need to keep a check on things to ensure they are marketing your property as well as they said they would. But, how can you be sure that this is the case?

The first thing you should do is take a look on the agency’s website to check up on your listing. Is your listing easy to find? Or, do viewers have to go through hundreds of properties before they get to yours?

What is your listing like? How many photographs does it contain? What is the description like? It is imperative to have a decent selection of photos showing all the rooms in your home, as well as the entrance. Moreover, quality agents like Drew Fasy will use descriptive language to sell your home.

Aside from this, it is a good idea to get a friend to call the real estate agency and pretend to be interested in your property, asking several questions. You can determine how the agent handles such calls.

Do they seem friendly and engaged? Do they ask for all of the right details, such as the caller’s phone number, buying position, and email address? Are they talking about your property in a positive manner?

Do they suggest a viewing? There is nothing like a disinterested agent to put someone off your property.

Should you offer snacks to potential buyers?

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Your real estate agent may tell you that it is a major mistake to offer snacks to your viewers. Others will tell you that it is a great idea. Needless to say, it can leave sellers feeling somewhat confused! So, what should you really do?

By all means, provide snacks for your guest. However, you need to be careful when choosing what to offer. Many homeowners like to bake cookies, cakes and so on.

They believe it will create a homely and welcoming feel. Yet, the problem with this is that baked goods often generate an overpowering smell, and this can distract the viewers.

Instead, try and think of snacks that appeal to all tastes. And make sure it will not give off an overpowering smell, i.e. something that does not need to be cooked.

How about fresh lemonade and strawberries? This is a particularly great option during the summer months. During the winter you may wish to brew a warm pot of tea and offer some biscuits.

When offering snacks to the viewers it is important not to make them feel forced to try one of your treats. You want to make them feel welcomed and give them a refreshment if they so wish.

But, it’s not time to show off your culinary skills. The house is supposed to be the main attraction.

Selling your home means hiring a real estate agent. Knowing what to ask and how to research your new real estate agent is important.

Knowing that your real estate agent is working for you and with you is important. Knowing they are speaking to people and representing your property in a positive way can make the difference between a sale or not.

Lay out some healthy snacks for your potential buyers. Let them feel welcome. Between a great real estate agent and a welcoming experience, you will be that much closer to a sale on your home.

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