3 Tips On Raising Livestock More Efficiently

When you decide on raising livestock, do you know what the best practices are? If you’re trying to support yourself, you need to plan accordingly. You need to know how many cattle and of which breed you will need to make a living.

From the type of cattle you raise to nutrition, there is a lot to consider.Read on to learn 3 tips on raising livestock more efficiently!

Raising Livestock


Know Why You Want a Cattle Farm

As a cattle farmer, you want to know why you’re raising the cattle. You could be hoping to get milk. Or you might be planning to butcher the animals for beef once they are ready.

You’ll also want the right breeds for your climate. In other words, if you live in a climate with cold winters, a Scottish Highland cow can withstand the elements. Or if you’re on a smaller plot, go with a breed such as Dexter.

Remember that homesteading and farming can be grueling. Determine whether you’re jumping into a full-time lifestyle where you can commit to working at least eight hours each day. If that’s not the case, start with a smaller-scale operation. Especially when raising livestock is being considered.

Create a Budget When Raising Livestock

When you’re making a go of it with homesteading, you want to be as efficient with your spending as possible. As with anything, you’ll want to create a budget when raising livestock. This will enable you to dole at resources at a responsible pace.

Start small, and grow your herd incrementally. You may want to add in some chickens or hogs, too, since they will diversify your homesteading practice. They’ll also cost less.

While you’re at it, look into projected cattle needs in your area. Making money raising livestock is possible. But you don’t want to raise a lot of Welsh Black if there’s already a lot in your area.


Maintain Good Health in Your Livestock Farms

Make sure to care for your livestock. If you connect with other homesteading families, you can learn the practices that will enable you to maximize your returns. For instance, you may need to invest in heat lamps if you’re raising chickens to help them grow safely. 

You’ll want to choose a good bull if you’re planning on breeding your cattle since this step ensures healthy offspring. On your acreage, ensure that you have enough grass and hay to sustain your cattle. If you don’t, consider selling cattle or choosing a smaller breed.

Check with veterinarians to give your cattle the right vaccinations and care. If an animal does become sick, don’t risk infecting the other animals. It’s always better to pay for a professional opinion and treatment. 

Tracking your animals is critical, too, when you’re trying to stay organized. Use livestock tags made of plastic or metal to identify your cows or cattle.


Be an Effective Cattle Farmer, Start Raising Livestock

Raising livestock can be a rewarding experience if you go into it with a plan. Know what kind of food you hope to gain from your animals. And find a path into homesteading that suits your budget.

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