Protecting Your Home When You Go On Vacation

Going on vacation can be exciting, especially if your break is long overdue. A nice bit of rest and a change of scenery can work wonders for your health and mood. Going away is great. But you’ll only truly enjoy yourself if you know that your home is safe and secure and that it’s as you left it when you come back. Enjoy peace of mind while on your vacation by following these steps in protecting your home.

protecting your home


Protecting Your Home When You Go On Vacation




Make sure all of the doors and windows are secure


While getting yourself ready for vacation, remember to do a spot check of your home. Make sure that there is no damage to locks, closures or any weaknesses that an opportunistic burglar might exploit. If anything needs repair, call a professional to get it done in plenty of time before you leave. Write a handy home security checklist to complete before you go away.  

protecting your home


Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on things


If you’re worried about leaving your home unattended while you’re away, getting a neighbor to keep an eye on things could be a good way to put your mind at ease. Even if they just go to take your mail in every day or water the plants, they can help make sure that everything is as it should be or alert you to any problems.


Install a video security system


App-based and video-based security systems are becoming more and more popular for people wanting to keep an eye on their property while they’re away. By being able to respond to doorbells from wherever you are, you can convince possible intruders that you’re home and discourage them from trying to enter. You can get some great products from this website to help you monitor your home while you’re away – it’s ideal for checking up on your pets too! Cell phone and video security systems are discreet and offer reassurance, allowing you to enjoy your vacation in peace.

protecting your home


Lock your valuables away


While you might think your home is safe because the doors and windows are locked, that won’t necessarily deter a thief who’s determined to get their hands on your property. Before you go away, make sure you lock away any valuables away in a safe. Make it impossible for thieves to take them. Put jewelry, electronics, and anything that might have sentimental value away for safekeeping until you come home.

protecting your home


Make sure your home insurance policy is up to date


Getting a home insurance policy is one of the first things you’ll do when you move into a new home. But it’s easy to forget about it afterward. Your original policy might no longer be valid, and feature some new additions that might not be covered as part of your policy. Do a regular check on your policy to make sure that all of your property is covered should the worst happen while you’re away.


Don’t leave any keys in plain sight


Leaving your keys near a window or glass door is a quick and easy invitation for thieves to break some glass to get them. Whether it’s your house keys or your car keys, leaving them lying around is careless. And is something that can easily be avoided. Make sure all keys are kept somewhere out of sight, like a drawer. Don’t leave anything under a mat or shifty-looking rock outside your front door. Take a look at the best and worst places to hide a key to give you some ideas on where you should and shouldn’t leave yours.

protecting your home


Make use of timers


Timers are a useful way to help make it look like someone is home at night. A timer can automatically turn on lights around your home, your TV and any other electronic device you’d like to ensure stays activated while you’re away. While electronic timers are great for helping you during your vacation, you can also use electronic light timers to help you save money on your energy bills once you return. Timers can be a great asset in protecting your home while away.


Practice common sense on social media


It’s natural to get excited about your vacation. But do you need to share it with the world? No matter what your privacy settings are, letting people know publicly that your home will be empty for a certain amount of time can give potential thieves the lead they need. Protecting your personal information is important. So make sure you don’t give away any information that might appear harmless to you, but could be just what a burglar needs to break into your home.

protecting your home


Leave a car in the driveway


An empty driveway left for a week or longer can start to look inviting to people looking for opportunities. If you have more than one car, leave one out on the driveway. Then it looks like someone is home. If you’re taking your only car with you, ask your neighbors if one of them wouldn’t mind parking in your driveway while you’re gone.

protecting your home


Hire a house sitter


It’s a good idea to get a house sitter if you’re particularly worried about leaving your home unattended. When you run a homestead, you’ll need to get someone you trust to look after your homestead while you’re away. You need someone who can take care of all the daily chores that need doing. Getting a house sitter could involve a cost. So that’s something you might want to consider as part of your vacation budget. With someone you can trust looking after your home, you’ll feel much more able to relax. That is a great way of protecting your home.


Are you planning a vacation. Before you go learn ways of protecting your home before you leave.


Don’t ruin your hard-earned vacation by leaving your property unprotected while you’re away. Taking some simple precautions can help you to keep your home safe from intruders. It also will help you to feel more relaxed and worry-free. Protecting your home is all part of effective vacation planning. So write yourself a checklist that you can refer to any time you go away.


Keep your home safe and enjoy your much-needed break!


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