7 Ways to Protect Your Property from Fire

Fires are devastating. They consume and destroy almost everything in their path. The aftermath of a housefire is almost unbearable and experiencing a housefire first-hand is something that you hope would only ever happen in your nightmares. There are measures you can put in place to protect your property from fire and things to consider which will help reduce the risk of a house fire occurring in your home. Protect and prevent fire in these seven ways.

Property on fire

1.      Safe Electricals

It is common knowledge that electricals can cause fires. A stray spark, wires that have been chewed, water in sockets; there are many ways that unsafe electricals can begin a fire.

Make sure all your electrical supplies are sourced from credible and trustworthy sources, like powerpointelectrics.co.uk, and that they are properly installed by a professional.

2.      White Goods

Regularly checking your white goods for any damage and giving them a good clean is essential. Remove any fluff that accumulates. When the machines are in use, they can get hot, and this flammable debris will just be sat there waiting to catch fire if it isn’t cleaned out regularly.

3.      Heaters

As is their purpose, heaters get hot. If you got caught out in the rain or need your washing to dry a little bit quicker, the last thing you should ever do is put them over an electric heater.

This is one of the biggest fire risks. The items of clothing can easily catch fire, and if left unattended, can have devastating consequences. Eliminating this action is a great way to protect your property from fire.

Drying kids socks on a heater

4.      Charging Items

Leaving your laptop, phone and other electrical items on charge 24/7 have become quite the norm for many people. But have you ever noticed how the charger or the item itself feels sort of hot when you come back to it hours later?

Yes, it’s a fire hazard. Avoid leaving things on charge for longer than they need to reduce the chances of them starting a fire.

5.      Chip Pans

There are lots of precautions you should take when using a chip pan or deep fat fryer. If hot oil lands on the right surface, it can cause a fire. That is why you should only ever fill the fryer halfway or less.

To protect your property from fire, make sure you follow the proper safety instructions before using similar cooking devices for the first time.

6.      Install Smoke/Fire Alarms

If a fire does begin in your home, you need to know about it and fast. The faster the reaction, the less drastic the damage or injury.

Make sure you have smoke/fire alarms installed throughout the property that can alert you or someone nearby if there is a fire. These need to be checked regularly to make sure they are in full working order at all times.

House fire

7.      Safety Measures

There are many other safety measures that you can put in place in your property to be able to deal with fires quickly and effectively, like fire blankets and extinguishers. Fireproofing the building at the time of making it is also very important.

Having doors with thumb locks that can be easily opened will allow for anyone to escape quickly in an emergency, and consider developing a fire escape plan just in case.

By following these seven measures, you should be able to protect your property from fire. But if a fire happens, you’ll have the safety measures in place to protect your family and property.

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