Property Selling Tips to Sell a House in Chattanooga

The decision of property selling could stem from any number of factors. Some sellers are looking to get rid of a rental property they no longer want to manage, while others are relocating and need to sell up to buy a house in another area.

Many sellers decide to upgrade and work with agents at the Knoxville Home Team, or a local team in their area, to sell their house to buy a bigger one for their growing families. In the worst-case scenario, people might sell a home because they can no longer afford to pay their mortgage due to job loss.

Whatever the reason, here are some property selling tips to get your Chattanooga home ready for sale:

Property Selling Tips

Get tenants

Instead of letting your house stand empty for months on end, let well-qualified Chattanooga property managers help you rent it to tenants. If you want to work with a large international firm, you could approach Pinnacle Property Management Services or Bozzuto.

Your other alternative is choosing between local companies, such as Chattanooga Property Management and Lansford Realty & Property Management.

Local property management companies typically have a waiting list of renters and can find the right tenants for your property without delay. Chattanooga has an active rental market, and getting renters should not be a problem.

You might be tempted to find tenants alone. However, the last thing you want while property selling is having people view it while awful tenants occupy it.

Evernest offers professional services that start from recruiting suitable tenants, running checks on them, managing the rental agreement, collecting rent, and dealing with repairs and maintenance. Renting out your house through professionals is a great way to earn an income on your house while waiting for the right buyer or a market stabilization.

rental agreement

Get professional help

Chattanooga real estate agents can attest that getting a professional to help with property selling generates quicker, more successful results. However, as a homeowner, you might not know all the ins and outs of selling a property, and going it alone could backfire, leaving you out of pocket or with a house that continues to linger on the market with no sign of selling anytime soon.

Real estate agents have a network of connections that help them bring buyers and sellers together quickly. They also know and understand the local Chattanooga property market and can recommend ideas to get your house sold expeditiously.


Rooms packed to capacity with furniture and bric-a-brac look much less spacious than they are. To create the illusion of space, pack up your ornaments, piles of magazines, and other clutter.

As a bonus, you will not need to pack them when the time to move comes as they will be good to go. This will also help you while property selling.

A room may still appear cluttered if it is dark and dingy. Whenever someone is viewing your home, ensure that there is enough natural light in each room. If this is not the case, use soft lighting to brighten things up.

A gloomy interior will not encourage prospective buyers to make an offer.

Curbside appeal

There is not a second chance to make a first impression. What potential viewers see when they pull up to your home should entice them inside to see more.

If the paint is peeling and the garden looks like a jungle, buyers will assume the interior looks the same. This might put them off even putting a foot inside the house.

You will have lost those buyers before you even had a chance to convince them that this was the house for them. Painting a home’s exterior walls and roof automatically makes it look more attractive.

While you do not need a landscaped garden to appeal to buyers, it should be maintained and under control.

Here are some property selling tips to get your Chattanooga home ready for sale!

Repairs Before Property Selling

Going to the expense of renovating your house for property selling might mean spending more than you will get in return. Sometimes, it is better to drop your price slightly so buyers can renovate according to their tastes before moving in.

Many potential homebuyers in Chattanooga are younger and have different décor tastes that they might prefer to explore.

Repairs are another matter. Ensure that leaky taps, loose floor tiles, and missing cabinet and cupboard handles are fixed or replaced. These repairs will not cost that much but make a significant difference in how potential buyers perceive a house.

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