Proper HVAC Maintenance

An efficient heating and cooling system provide comfort to your home. It also helps you with your monthly electric bill. However, like other equipment and machines, your heating, vent, and air conditioning will wear out over time. Thus, ensure that you always have your maintenance team on standby to check and perform proper HVAC maintenance regularly. Check the list and extend your HVAC’s longevity. 

HVAC unit outside of the home

1. Check the Insulation 

Your attic and overall house insulation play a vital role in your HVAC system’s general health. How you insulate the areas of your house dictates how hard your vent system must work.

Small openings or cracks in your attic will cause the temperature to fluctuate. This causes your HVAC system to run double time to maintain the ideal temperature.

If this process continues, the equipment will wear out swiftly. Double-check the area, close all the gaps and properly seal the area to prevent any temperature flux. 

Attic insulation

2. Check the HVAC’s location. 

Most residential and commercial facilities’ HVAC system is installed on the rooftop or outside the building. This exposes it to dust particles, plants, and other materials that may interfere with the unit’s air flow process. This may cause it to overheat.

Make sure to clean the area regularly. Clear and remove all materials or debris that are covering the system. 

HVAC maintenance

3. Check for drainpipe blockages. 

Understanding how your drainpipe gets blocked can help you quickly pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Keep in mind that the HVAC system’s work somehow depends on the temperature surrounding it.

Take, for instance, summer. Your HVAC system may work extra to push the cool air inside your house and remove all the scorching hot air. During this process, moisture will form.  

Once formed, the drainpipe must release this moisture to prevent algae and mold build-up. Failing to clear the pipes may cause unwanted leaks or ultimately damage your HVAC unit.

Also, keep in mind that molds can be harmful to human health. Thus, have your maintenance team inspect and clean the blocked drain line. 

HVAC unit and drain tube

4. Check the filter 

Like your air conditioning unit, your HVAC filter needs a deep cleaning, too. Its primary job is to filter dust, specks of dirt, and other materials from getting inside the system. Therefore, you must regularly clean them or change them instead. 

Although there are several filter brands that you may try, always select those that have reliable quality. They may be costly compared to other brands, but at least they are efficient in filtering small and large particles.

However, please note that your HVAC system may have a specific filter rating. Only select those compatible with it and keep in mind to change the filters every three months. 

Man removing the HVAC filter

5. Clean Your Condensing Unit 

Condensing units’ primary purpose is to condense refrigerants from gas to liquid. These units usually sit outside the building. This makes it vulnerable to any particles and debris that may clog the metal fins.

Fortunately, you can quickly clean them with water. However, for some maintenance systems, it may be easier to clean the entire unit if its disassembled.

It’s also vital to remember that even though these units are durable and designed for outdoor use. These metal fins are vulnerable to pressure. Thus, please avoid using any pressurized water sprayer when cleaning them. 

Your condensing units also have wiring that you need to protect from rodents and unauthorized access. Consider installing exterior aluminum access panels. They are durable and corrosion-resistant, which makes them a perfect outdoor access panel for your unit.

Talk to your maintenance team to check the possibility of installing access doors. They will protect your unit’s cable wires and other electrical components from rain, snow, or the sun’s scorching heat. 

Spraying the condenser unit

Maintenance and Repair Team Matters! 

Contrary to the DIY methods that others do, it is advisable to have a dedicated maintenance and repair team to regularly perform proper HVAC maintenance. The professionals can quickly identify whether the system has problems or potential issues that need immediate repair.

Additionally, these professionals have undergone the necessary training and certifications. This ensures quality, and are abreast of the latest HVAC updates. 

Hiring a professional maintenance and repair team also helps you save money. With the team, you can guarantee that the proper HVAC maintenance is performed. All issues are seen and addressed quickly and safely. Plus, their quick run-through on your HVAC system only requires you to meet the team twice a year. Ensure your unit will work fine within six months unless unforeseen events affect your heating, ventilation, and cooling system. 

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