Why Brand New Homes Need Professional Pest Control Service

If you’ve ever experienced pest invasion, you understand how unpleasant the experience can be. From making noise in the middle of the night to painful bites to contaminated food, pests don’t understand limits. They don’t even let you enjoy your new home in peace. They’re advantage-takers, serious ones for that matter.

Other than the discomfort they cause, pests such as rats and mice can infect your family with deadly viruses. You don’t want to put your family in harm’s way, especially now that you’re moving into a new home.

You must protect them from pest invasion and protect your new property against damage. That said, there’s a need to hire a professional pest control service. To help you understand why these services are essential for your new home, here’s an article written just for you!

Professional pest control inside the home

New Homes Aren’t Exempted

Pests, like termites, always seek shelter where they can feel comfortable and indulge in their favorite food. That said, they don’t care whether a home is new or old, as long as they find what they want. Since termites are rampant in most parts of the world, it’s vital to have your new home inspected for such pests and determine the appropriate solution.

It’s important to note that some pest control procedures might require physical or chemical barriers. Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt installing them, especially if chemicals are involved. Instead, hire reputable pest exterminators to do what they’re good at.

Among the reasons why you should hire professional pest control services is a long-lasting solution. Trained pest exterminators are trained to identify suitable pest control methods for every pest and install them professionally, resulting in a long-lasting solution. If you decide to DIY, the pests will likely visit you soon, primarily if you invest in a cheap pest control system.

Termite inspection being prerformed on new house
termite inspection

Homeowner’s Insurance Don’t Pay Property Damaged Caused By Pests

Property damage from pests such as white ants is less likely to be covered by your homeowner insurance. Therefore, you know better than to allow your new home to be destroyed by pests and later pay for repairs. 

Here are some signs indicating pest issues in new homes:

  • Moisture: Any plumbing issue can cause water leakage around your new home. Once there’s moisture in your home, mold, mildew, and fungi find a perfect environment to thrive. Since most insects love feeding on mold and mildew, you’re likely to share your home with pests until you defeat the moisture. To fight pests associated with moisture, you first need to take care of the moisture source. Always keep your home dry to make it pest unfriendly. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure your new home plumbing is at its best to avoid later disappointments.
  • Damp Smell: Insects thrive in dark, damp environments. Such areas are ideal for mold and mildew growth, becoming perfect insect breeding spots. With that in mind, the likelihood of pest invasion is high if there’s a dump smell in the new house. The pests likely to invade your home due to excess moisture are booklice, centipedes, wood termites, and silverfish.
  • Cracks: Most new homes are built with fresh-cut lumber, meaning the lumber has some moisture. As time passes, the wood dries up, causing a shift that can result in tiny cracks. Mainly, these cracks occur where the drywall sheets are connected. Weather changes can also cause the earth to shift, interfering with the home’s foundation integrity. As a result, tiny cracks form on the foundation and the walls. Regardless of why there are cracks in a new house, the bottom line is that cracked walls or foundation increases pest invasion chances.
  • Untidy Yard: Your new home’s yard should be free of leftover building materials, wood, shrubbery, or mulch. If left in the yard, they’ll attract and shelter all sorts of pests. Ensure the yard is clean, tidy, and treated to avoid ushering pests into your new compound.

Final Words

Before building or purchasing a new home, hire professional pest exterminators to determine if the area experiences pests like termites and ants. At this point, rodents and mice shouldn’t be so much of a concern since protecting your home against them is a bit easier. If the area is at risk of termite inversion, discuss how they can help you control them.

While inspecting the area or home for pests might be costly, your home’s integrity depends on it. Come to think of it, if you already planned on protecting your home against burglary and theft, why not plan to protect it against silent-biters like ants and termites?

Remember, it’s advisable to have a termite inspection at least once per year. This way, you can identify the likelihood of these pests’ invasion and avoid costly repairs or dealing with many termites.

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