A Simple Guide To Plants in a Food Forest


A guide to choosing your food forest plants complete with charts for each layer.

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If you want to take your sustainable life to a new level, think in terms of an edible food forest. When you think of ‘edible food forest’, you need to reach for this great e-book, A Simple Guide to Plants in a Food Forest, which is filled with great information you will need to select the best plants for each layer.


An edible food forest should be a consideration for anyone who is striving to be as sustainable as possible.  Implementing an edible food forest may be time-consuming in the beginning, but if done correctly, it can serve you and your family well for years to come.


Aside from knowing when to plant and the layout and the needs of the plant, you need to determine what you will plant in your food forest.


This is where A Simple Guide to Plants in a Food Forest e-book comes in handy. Each section covers one layer with a description and information about its benefits. Next. you will find a chart that lists possible plants, the zone, and other helpful information. In addition, there are blank lines where you can add your favorite plants and any information on them that will be helpful.


For more information on getting started with a food forest, read How To Establish A Fantastic Edible Food Forest. Then check out The Most Popular Options for Food Forest Perennials.


Armed with these posts and your own copy of A Simple Guide To Plants of the Food Forest, you will enjoy taking your sustainable lifestyle to the next level. 


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