Self Reliance A Beginners Guide


If you have been thinking about a self-reliant lifestyle it is time to turn your dreams into reality. Start your self-reliance journey here with this easy to follow beginner’s guide to self-reliance e-book.


In Self Reliance A Beginners Guide, your dream of living a self-reliant lifestyle can become a reality.  This e-book guides you through the beginning steps you need to learn to re-focus your dependency on you and your family, rather than others.


Take Your Self Reliance Dreams To the Next Level


In a world of so many unknowns, we are always looking for ways to plan to take care of our family’s basic needs in case of a catastrophe or an emergency. Since the world has become more dependent on technology, we have lost the skills of yesterday in favor of ‘Instant’.  It may be time to take a step back and learn those skills and create a more self-reliant lifestyle.


Not sure where to start? The Self Reliance A Beginner’s Guide can get you off on the right foot with easy to learn basic skills!


Self Reliance A Beginners Guide


Self Reliance A Beginners Guide Offers Step-by-Step:

  • In The Kitchen – how to make Butter, Bread, and Cheese
  • Homestead Animals – Chickens, Pigs, and Rabbits
  • In the Garden – Seeds, Composting, and Vegetables
  • In the Home – Sewing, Cleaning, and Emergency Candles


More than a Tutorial


Self Reliance A Beginners Guide also offers a selection of Resource links at the end of each chapter so you can learn more about any given topic.  In addition, there is a link to a Resources Page to make any shopping you need to do for products you don’t already have around the house easier to find.  By using this Resources Page, you save time shopping, and can instead spend it outlining your plans, goals, and next steps!


Follow your Dreams with Self Reliance A Beginners Guide


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