Everything Dandelions Ebook


If you think dandelions are just a weed think again! These little flowers pack more nutrients than Kale and Spinach. In Everything Dandelions, you will learn how and when to harvest them, how to use them and all of the benefits of using them in your meals, drinks and even in your apothecary!

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Did you know that Dandelions are considered a superfood, even more so than Kale and Spinach? It’s true. Those bright yellow flowers that many people consider a nuisance weed in their yard are actually super beneficial for you!


These simple flowers that grow so abundantly have so many uses and benefits that most people are not aware of. Everything Dandelions will teach you just what you need to know, including:


  • Used to increase urine production
  • As a laxative to increase bowel movements
  • As a skin toner
  • As a blood tonic
  • As a digestive tonic
  • As a delicious jelly for toast
  • As a fried snack for the kids
  • As a sweet and tasty wine to serve friends
  • and so much more



The recipes are endless. From wine and tea to jelly and cookies, there are numerous ways of consuming this powerhouse plant. And for the home apothecary, they can really be an added bonus too!


In Everything Dandelions, you will learn how to harvest dandelions, the best time of the year to harvest them, which parts are best used for cooking, and how to use them to create salves, tinctures and more.


This e-book is chock-full of information and recipes that can get you started with a plant that is easy to grow, easy to harvest, and easy to use. If you are just getting started with foraging, Everything Dandelions is the best place to begin.


Learn everything you need to know about dandelions in this convenient e-book. It is one you will want to print out and keep handy as a reference to create all the wonderful things these beautiful little flowers can create in your home.


For more information about the many ways to use dandelions both for meals and for home remedies, see Dandelions: Everything You Need To Know




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