Selling Your Home? 2 Problems That Need Fixed First!

Are you thinking about selling your home on the market soon? Well before you do, fix these 2 problems before you show it.


Selling Your Home? 2 Problems That Need Fixed First!


What’s that smell?

problemsI know what you are thinking… “Surely if my home smelt I would get rid of the odor before a viewing!” But, what if you did not realize that there was a bad underlying smell? This is often the problem! You get so used to your surroundings that you become immune to things! So, you might not pick up on the smell, but someone that has never been in your home before will. This is especially the case for those that have pets. This is the first of 2 problems you should solve now!

The best thing to do is enlist the help of someone who will give you an unbiased opinion – a friend or even your estate agent! Ask them if they can smell anything unusual or unpleasant? If so, they will have a much better chance of pinpointing what the problem is. Once you have done this you can then deal with the bad odor to ensure this is not stopping you from selling your home.

You don’t have to have ten dogs or eat curry every night for your home to smell! There are lots of factors that can create bad smells. Cats are actually one of the biggest culprits! Everything from damp basements to a dirty fan above your stove, to wall-to-wall carpeting, can cause unpleasant smells!


Surprising reasons your home isn’t selling!

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to rack your brain as to why your home is not selling, but coming up with literally no reason! You have gotten rid of all the clutter! You’ve painted problemsyour home in lovely neutral shades! You have used every marketing trick in the book. So, where are you going wrong? What are the problems?

Well, have you considered that maybe your house is too cheap? Yes, there is such a thing as too cheap! From lifestyle communities to bachelor flats, a low asking price is not always the solution! Why? Well, people buy with their emotions, not based on price. They will have already determined a budget, thus they may dismiss your house as being inferior if the price tag is too low.


Could you be the reason your home isn’t selling? Don’t take it personally. We are all guilty of judging a book by its cover! The presentation is everything. If you answer the door as you have just gotten out of bed, you’re not going to make a good impression. The same goes for answering the door in a pair of pink stilettos! Also, accompanying the buyers whilst they roam around your home is never a good idea. It makes them feel uncomfortable. You do not need to be present for the viewing. In fact, it’s better if you are not.

Don’t let these 2 simple problems stand in the way of you selling your home today!



> If you are selling your home in the near future you may want to check on these 2 possible problems before you list your home on the market.

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