Can You Sell Your House If It’s Under Probate In Phoenix, AZ?

Probate is the process of reassigning the property after the owner’s death. There are several cases when a property is put under probate.

In some cases, the owner leaves behind a will containing the name of the heirs. In many cases, the owner does not leave a will or estate.

No matter the situation, you must go through the court process if you want to sell the property. The extensive process is popular as probate.

If you are wondering whether you can sell the property or not, this article is for you. We mention the method you can use to sell your probate property to potential buyers. Read on! 

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Is a probate property sellable in Phoenix, AZ? 

You’d be happy to know that you can sell your home while in probate in Phoenix, AZ. But you have to ensure to follow certain steps to make a legal sale and get the deserving money. 

Appraisal of the property 

Be sure to understand that property appraisal is the first step to putting a probate property for sale. You can connect with local independent appraisal officers and prepare the appraisal report for the home.

Get references from real estate agents and the phone book.

Property appraisal form

Acquire the petition

The next step after obtaining the appraisal report is to acquire a petition from the court. It is obligatory by law to seek permission from the court for the probation of your property.

You can search for ‘sell my house fast phoenix az under probate’ on google and find that the laws regarding probate sale obligate you to have a petition in hand.

All the investors and direct clients will check for the petition before proceeding. You can obtain the form online, fill it out using the appraisal information, and wait for the court to respond.

Understand that you can sell your property faster and at good prices by going through the process and abiding by the rules.

Advertise the property for sale 

You can use various methods of advertising your property for sale. You can send out newspaper notifications, put the property sale information on authorized social media platforms, etc.

In addition, it is essential to inform the people about the status of the home. They should be well informed about the probate status so they can proceed accordingly. 

Newspaper ad for house for sale

Attend the hearings 

When the court approves the sale, you advertise the home for sale. The bidders and estate agents have the opportunity to bid on the property.

The bidding process is undertaken in the court on the date of hearing. All the bidders and real estate investors try their luck on the property and youtube to sell the home for the best prices. 

Final Words 

There are laws regarding the sale of a home under probate. You can check with your local attorney or visit the government site to get the information. Certain things like getting court permission, petition, and putting the home up for sale on various platforms are necessary; the final settlement of such properties happens in the court. 

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