Preparing Your Lawn For Summer

While most people think about getting their garden in shape for summer, most people fail to pay one of the most prominent and integral aspects of their garden much attention.  Your lawn is the centerpiece of your summer activities. This centerpiece is most likely to be the meeting place that will host all your summer garden activities from picnics to waterslides and barbeques.


See, when most people consider getting their gardens in shape for summer they consider planting pretty flowers, elaborate DIY projects or installing fancy features such as a vase water fountain; all the while neglecting what’s likely to be the largest and most overlooked aspect – the garden lawn.


Considering how much your lawn gives you and your family, it might be a good idea to give back to your lawn by nourishing it in the most optimal conditions.  This article looks at two very simple, but easy to get wrong, aspects of preparing your lawn for summer. The first is watering and the second is trimming. Whilst these tips aren’t going to help you bring a dead lawn back to life – they will put you in good stead for the maintenance required during the summer months.

preparing your lawn

Preparing Your Lawn Ready For Summer




Watering is an important part of preparing your lawn for summer. You want to aim to water your lawn either after the sunsets in the evening or early in the morning before the harsh sun gains its strength. The myth that watering in the sunshine will turn your emerald green lawn into a scorched nightmare is mostly unfounded, but there is a reason people advise not to water in the midday heat.


Essentially, it’s just wasteful, as most the water will evaporate rather than soak down to where it needs to be.  Many experts recommend watering first thing in the morning as the sun has the tendency to dry the grass out within a few hours. This means there’s less chance of disease associated with the grass sitting in too much water.  That said, there’s no need to water each morning. It’s better to water deeply and infrequently, as this approach encourages root growth and increases resistance to drought and disease.

preparing your lawn


Mowing is the other important aspect to preparing your lawn for summer. It can be tempting to keep your grass short. But tall grass makes for a much healthier lawn.  Try to avoid cutting it below two inches. The ideal length in terms of having healthy grass is around three inches.  When cutting the grass, you want to remove no more than ⅓ of the length. Trimming any further than this can seriously damage your grass.  You’ll want to mow the lawn when it’s cool and dry. Avoid cutting the lawn whilst it’s wet or in the midday sun.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a good idea to leave the grass clippings on the lawn, as they decompose quickly and provide much-needed nutrients to the healthy grass. You could use the grass clippings as fertilizer on other plants – either directly, or you can put it in a compost bin.

preparing your lawn


Speaking of fertilizer, if you want truly luscious grass, sporadically sprinkle some grass fertilizer on your lawn every now and then, or even some grass seed, in order to keep the lawn nice and thick.

Trimming and watering are 2 easy ways to start preparing your lawn for summer.


Now you can start preparing your lawn for summer and have a good knowledge level on how to water and trim your lawn the correct way. Is your lawn ready for the summer?


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