Tips To Prepare Your Garage For The Upcoming Rainy Season

A garage is often the most overlooked part of a house, but it deserves a fair share of attention. After all, it is home to your car and useful stuff. While your garage should be in top shape throughout the year, the rainy season spells more work. 

Statistics suggest that 14.6 million American homes are at a high risk of flooding. Even more, properties are prone to water damage during the rainy season. Problems may surface everywhere, and your garage is no exception. 

But a little prep can help it weather the storm and rain without damage and risks of waterlogging. Here are a few practical tips to prepare your garage when the rain starts pouring!

New garage door

Declutter and organize

Like any other part of your home, your garage may get cluttered over time. In fact, you may end up storing all the extra stuff here. The worst part is that you may never want to clean it. But get down to a decluttering and organizing spree before the rainy season sets in. 

Getting your gear off the floor and onto shelves or hooks is a good start. When a storm hits, you don’t want your stuff floating around like a lost treasure.

Seal it up

Sealing up any cracks and crevices should be the top priority to protect your garage space from water damage. Use some caulk or weatherstripping to patch the sneaky gaps around the doors, windows, and vents. 

Sealing them up can prevent the entry of water, no matter how bad the weather gets. You can call a professional or pick a DIY project. 

Garage door weatherstripping

Check the door

Besides sealing the potential entry points, you must check the door to ensure it is in good shape. You don’t want the water pouring from an open door, right? 

It is the apt time to invest in Garage Door Repair to prepare the place for the upcoming season. Call experts for the job because it is a long-term investment that lasts for years and seasons.

Elevate the floor

Nobody likes a soggy garage, right? It’s most likely to be wet at all times if the floor level is low. Consider elevating your garage floor this season to keep it high and dry. You can even install a floor coating that gives a waterproof barrier. 

It keeps the interiors dry and protects your car tires as well. Just make sure you can drive and park your car comfortably. 

Garage with coated floor

Embrace the power of drainage

Good drainage is another key aspect of a rain-ready garage. You want the rainwater to flow out, not pool around it. Having a proper drainage system in place can save you from waterlogging. 

Consider installing a sump pump if flooding is a concern in your area or the weather forecast is not great. It will channel the water away from your garage and keep it dry and cozy.


With the rainy season just around the corner, you must get your home ready for the spells. Don’t overlook your garage because it is most susceptible to damage. Following these simple tips is enough to make it waterproof, no matter how hard it rains and pours.

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