How to Prep for A Juice Cleanse the Right Way

Are you considering going on a juice cleanse and wondering what the right way to prepare for it is? Juice cleanses, also known as juice fasting, is a form of dieting in which a person only drinks fruit and vegetable juices over a certain period. During this time they do not not partake in any solid food consumption during that time.

Studies have displayed that fruit and vegetable juices can improve levels of essential vitamins and antioxidants. These include vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and beta carotene. Therefore, hypothetically, a juice cleanse is beneficial for those that might find it difficult or more challenging to eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables. For example, those who feel constipated and want to know does apple juice make you poop, the answer is yes, it helps.

When you participate in one, your digestive system, including the intestines and stomach, do not have to put in as much effort as you break down and digest your food. Also, the liver, a natural filter for your body, is given a rest from detoxifying substances in your body.

There could be various reasons people decide to implement a juice cleanse. These most often include losing weight and detoxifying that person’s body. 

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1. Focus On Having a Healthy, Clean Pre-cleanse Diet 

A chief way to prepare for the juice cleanse you plan to do the right way involves ensuring you have a cleaner diet. This mainly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, if possible, at least three days before the cleanse.

Specifically, this will help your body delicately begin the detoxification process before your cleanse starts. On the other hand, when you begin doing a juice cleanse immediately after having an unhealthy diet, it can leave you not feeling well. You may experience negative detox symptoms.

Negative detox symptoms from not preparing correctly can include headaches, fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, and irritation, among others. To avoid such negative detox symptoms and boost the potential benefits you can gain from a juice cleanse, the right, ideal way to prepare ahead of time involves having a healthy, clean, light diet at least three days before the cleanse.

A clean, healthy diet before beginning your cleanse will even help relieve some of the hunger cravings you might have while doing the cleanse.

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2. Make Sure You Drink Enough Water and Stay Hydrated 

Along with eating raw fruits and vegetables, another way you can have a healthy diet before participating in a juice cleanse to best prepare for it includes ensuring you drink enough water. You should drink about eight glasses of water each day leading up to the juice cleanse. Ensure that you always stay adequately hydrated.

Doing so potentially helps to rid your body of toxins it might contain. Further, this means your process for beginning your cleanse will be much smoother. You can benefit much more from it. Always ensure you are sufficiently hydrated. Do not forget to continue to hydrate appropriately throughout the cleanse itself, as well.

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3. Only Eat to Satisfy Your Hunger, With Smaller Portions Than Usual 

To prepare for your juice cleanse the right way, you should try to eat smaller portions of food than you typically would in the few days before you do the juice cleanse itself. By this, you should only eat to satisfy your hunger and not beyond that.

4. Avoid Unhealthy Junk Food and Harmful Items Before the Cleanse 

Another way you can prepare for your juice cleanse the right way involves avoiding all unhealthy food that can adversely impact your experience doing the juice cleanse itself. Some of the main harmful items you should avoid in the days leading up to your juice cleanse to prepare the right way before doing it include caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, dairy, and red meat. Further, other harmful substances can consist of processed foods, wheat-containing grains, and gluten, among others.

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5. Ease Yourself Into the Juice Cleanse 

Before actually doing your juice cleanse, to prepare beforehand in the right way, you should ease yourself into it a few days before it. You can steadily work your way into the juice cleanse before participating in it.

Specifically, you can try replacing an everyday meal with juice instead to help you get the hang of it when it comes time for the juice cleanse. You can start with just one meal at first. This replaces the solid food with a juice, until eventually you completely phase out of solid food and solely have juices as every one of your meals for the day.

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When you steadily integrate juice into your diet, it will help to avoid entering into your juice cleanse too quickly. It will lower the potential of you shocking your body and ending up feeling tired and starving.

By simply adding a daily juice into your day as a replacement for a solid food meal in the few days leading up to you doing the juice cleanse, you can help your body significantly become more accustomed to it for when it does happen.

Your body will also become more accustomed to the more substantial amounts of micronutrients that your body will receive as a result of the juice cleanse. 

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