How To Prep Your Home For Short-Term Guests

Today, more travelers are now increasingly turning to private spaces and serviced apartments instead of hotels, for their accommodations. On top of its affordable price, a serviced unit is more spacious than a standard hotel room.

Additionally, more travelers are looking to maximize their experience by living in a house with partitioned walls to sleep in, lounge on, and cook their meals. Therefore, it is important that you prep your home for short-term guests.

With that said, suppose you own a vacant property; transforming this space into a short-term rental unit can be a great way to earn extra income. Hosting can be an exciting venture to explore. But bear in mind, when it comes to business such as these, it may require a lot of time and effort, especially when regularly maintaining and preparing your serviced units.

Airbnb bedroom

The Importance Of Preparing Your Rental Space

A person’s travel experience can be highly influenced by their in-home stay too. This is true, especially if guests prefer to relax and stay indoors. The more prepared and foolproof your rental unit is, the better your guest’s experience will be. Thus, the more likely they’ll leave an excellent review.

With that said, a memorable stay can significantly help build your business’s reputation, which is necessary so you can keep up and stay relevant in the competitive market.

Steps To Make Your Home Guest-Ready

While your preparation would vary depending on your client’s vacation period, adhering to common requirements can certainly help boost comfort in your space. These efforts can help you attract more guests in the future and can make your job as a host easier.

If you’re wondering how to prepare your home for short-term guests, consider the steps below.

clean and decluttered home

Clean And Declutter Your Space

Cleaning your rentable home should be at the top of your to-do list. Nobody likes to stay in a place that is unkempt or disordered. Additionally, tidying up can help you create more space for your guests and their family too. 

However, cleaning can be an overwhelming process. That said, you can consider scheduling and going through each room one day at a time.

But if you’re too busy to tackle this project alone, you can look for commercial cleaning services in your area. These professionals can take the work off you, so you can shift your attention to other important matters.

For instance, VRBO house cleaning and other similar businesses can sanitize and disinfect the living spaces of your rentable unit, so they’d be cleaner and tidier.

Apart from conducting a general cleaning, you can consider going through your home decorations and furnishings as well, to declutter those that no longer serve their purpose. For example, it might be time to dispose of or donate dusty clutters and ornaments sitting on your shelves. 

While some clutter can add charm to your space’s interiors, having a simple and tidy room can make a significant difference in creating a comfortable and inviting space your short-term guests will enjoy.

professional house cleaners

Equip The Kitchen With The Essentials

With kitchens being considered as the heart of any home, it is important that you exert effort in furnishing your kitchen too. You can start by equipping your space with supplies and appliances, which your guests could use during their stay. 

You don’t have to provide the top-shelf appliances, but it’d be good if you can provide basic ones such as a microwave oven, small refrigerator, toaster, cooking pan, and other kitchen utensils. 

If you have a small space for the kitchen, consider adding cabinet organizers to maximize the space and keep everything neat and orderly.

Additionally, you can also consider filling the pantry with snacks, condiments, and some food staples. These can serve as welcoming items to cater to your guests’ immediate needs. This is a great way to prep your home for short-term guests.

airbnb kitchen ready for guests

Leave Instructions

Since your guests aren’t familiar with the space and how everything functions inside, make sure to leave detailed instructions, such as how to use appliances and electronics, or how to turn on the water heater or even the Wi-Fi password. 

Additionally, it’s also important that you print out the house rules and explain local policies about curfew, parking, and the like. You can also include a list of emergency contact details of local authorities. Moreover, you can give them a brief list of nearby drugstores, recommended restaurants, and tourist spots as well.

By doing this, your guests won’t have to contact you every time they have questions. This way, you can ensure that your guests can have a hassle-free and remarkable experience at your serviced unit.

Guest bedroom ready for short-term guests

Final Thoughts When You Prep your Home for Short-Term Guests

Being a good and accommodating host can go a long way- not just in terms of boosting your business’ image, but also on how can it influence your guests’ overall experience. 

With these tips in mind, you can create a comfortable and inviting space short-term travelers will surely enjoy and love.

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