4 Helpful Herbs To Put In Your Pre-Workout Smoothie

Fitness is all about following a strict nutritional regime and performing intensive workouts. You are likely to gain muscle faster consume a balanced diet rich in protein. Also, you might consider dietary supplements and herbs to curb the nutritional deficit now and then. Have you considered adding herbs to your pre-workout smoothie?

With herbal supplements by your side, you can enhance the minute deficiencies and achieve a muscular physique. Not only does it boost your energy levels, but it also increases the protein reservoir of your body. Not to forget, herbs like Boswellia and Ginseng are quite essential for vital functions.

Another option available on the market today is CBD pre workout capsules. The capsules can be taken daily as another way to boost your workout and really feel the benefits of your routine. Combine these and the following herbs for a super pre-workout routine.

Here are the top herbs that you might consider for your pre-workout smoothie.

Herbs for Your Pre-Workout Smoothie


One of the best herbs to improve your stamina and achieve the right strength is Echinacea. You can include herbal supplements in your pre-workout smoothie nutrition to boost endurance levels in no time. Whether it’s the pre-workout smoothie or post-work snack, you might consider the extracts to curb muscle soreness through the herbal protein reservoir. Also, it works on the cellular level and increases the production of erythropoietin that regulates the development of erythrocytes.

All these factors contribute to the production of natural steroids and improve your cardiac output without any hassles. You can include the herb as one of the natural sleep aids to elevate post-workout recovery and regeneration. Try to indulge in such natural herbs for the perfect workout regime ever.



  • The herbal extracts increase athletic endurance with chemical constituents like caftaric acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and echinacoside. Make sure to include it in your workout routine for the right amount of stamina.
  • Another reason to include the echinacea extracts in your routine is the fact that it enhances the erythropoiesis. Hence, you can energetically perform the workouts.


Strenuous workout sessions are likely to leave you all drained and lethargic. That’s when the Boswellia extracts come to your rescue with top-notch energy levels. Boswellia serrata or Indian Frankincense is a therapeutic herb that incorporates anti-inflammatory aid in your body. Also, it leads to relief from delayed onset muscle soreness and enhances the quality of your workouts.

The herb contains high levels of terpenes and other chemicals like boswellic acid that elevate your endurance. Not to forget, it also increases protein synthesis and accelerates the muscle recovery process. Overall, the herbal extracts are ideal for a natural yet effective muscle production aid and are great for a pre-workout smoothie.


  • It increases the muscle recovery processes and acts on the areas that undergo muscle fragmentation. Also, it boosts your ability to exercise and curbs chronic fatigue in no time.
  • The herb nourishes your gastric mucosal lining and promotes the immune functions associated with it. Further, it also keeps the microbial attacks under control and allows you to continue the strenuous sessions.
  • It lowers down the accumulation of free radicals and curbs the oxidation reactions in no time. Hence, you can get rid of the inflammatory pains and enjoy the fitness journey.


Another herb that elevates your workout results and increases muscle production when used as a pre-workout smoothie is Ginseng. Panax quinquefolius is rich in active constituents that increase the production of proteins through healthy biochemical reactions. Also, it boosts your ability to retain the muscle fibers for a longer duration of time. The herbal extracts act on your nitrogen metabolism and increase the levels of nitrogen in your muscles. Hence, the muscle cells store a higher amount of protein than before. That way, you are likely to gain more muscle in a short duration and retain the same.



  • It acts on lactic acid metabolism and curbs the fatigue that builds up in your muscle after intense workouts. Hence, you get to perform the strenuous workouts regularly.
  • The herb balances the neuroendocrine responses by acting on the Hypothalamus-Pituitary axis and reduces the hormonal impairments.

Green Tea

Starting your day with a cup of warm green tea can do wonders for your workout goals. Camellia sinensis is a herb that provides green tea extracts rich in alkaloids and terpenes.

Also, it enhances your workout regime with the help of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. The herb enhances anabolic action and promotes the production as well as storage of protein in your muscles.

Hence, you experience a faster build-up of muscle fibers through the raised energy levels. Just like green tea, camellia sinensis plant is also responsible for producing pu erh tea which aids in losing weight.

Make sure to drink the green tea smoothies or beverages as your pre-workout smoothie before your exercise session. That way, you can boost your stamina and achieve a greater muscle endurance level in no time.

Green tea


  • It contains high levels of antioxidants that prevent inflammation right after your workout sessions. Hence, you might not experience muscle fatigue after high-intensity training.
  • The herb possesses fat-burning abilities and makes you lose the excess pounds in no time.
Herbal supplements are reliable to improve your workout experience and enhance protein synthesis. All you need to do is stick to a healthy workout routine and consume a balanced diet for proper muscle synthesis. Add these 4 herbs to your pre-workout smoothie.

Bottom Line About Using herbs for Your Pre-Workout Smoothie

Herbal supplements are reliable to improve your workout experience and enhance protein synthesis. All you need to do is stick to a healthy workout routine and consume a balanced diet for proper muscle synthesis.

Also, try to incorporate reliable herbal supplements in your routine to curb muscle soreness.

Some herbs like echinacea, Boswellia, Chen Sheng Hao‘s pu erh, and tea green tea extracts are effective in enhancing your muscle recovery. Along with this, it accelerates the production of RBCs and improves cardiac output.

Make sure to try out the herbs and to improve your gym sessions in no time. With the herbal extracts, you can promote better healing, muscle production, and nutritional aid.

Are there herbs that you prefer to use in your pre-workout smoothie? Share them in the comment section below for others. Feel free to share a recipe too!


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