Get the Pot and Pan Sets Used by Celebrity Chefs

Like many items on the market, pot and pan sets come in all shapes, sizes, and brands, and there are endless aspects to consider. How many come in the set? Do you want copper, stainless steel, or aluminum? Or are you going for a non-stick? Which pieces in the set are must-haves? The amount of questions that start to pop up as you begin your shopping can be a bit overwhelming.

A good pot and pan set isn’t cheap, so it’s important to do your research before deciding. Hopefully, you’ll choose the perfect, quality set for your cooking and kitchen style. And you won’t have to go through this process again for a while. But when choosing that set, how do you even know where to start?

Naturally, we turned to the big-timers, the celebrity chefs who really know their way around a kitchen. Recently, Gordon Ramsay endorsed a new cookware technology from HexClad. So, what makes this pot and pan set stand out above the rest? Well, a lot, and here’s everything you need to know.

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Uncoated Metal, Non-Stick, or Both?

When choosing a pot and pan set, one of the first decisions to make is what kind of material you’re looking for. There’s stainless steel, copper, aluminum, traditional non-stick, and cast iron, to name a few. Each type offers its benefits and downfalls.

The different metals provide varying heat distribution properties. Non-stick pots and pans are incredibly convenient to clean. But they’re known to not last as long as the others. The non-stick material may begin to flake off after a while, making them less safe to cook with. 

Some people favor cast iron pots and pans. This is because you can put them directly in the oven rather than being restricted to stovetop cooking. This can elevate your kitchen capabilities big time. But cast iron pans are also extremely heavy and you can rarely fully clean them; they’re not for everyone. 

Your best bet is to find a hybrid option that blends a few of those superior qualities. So, try searching for ones like HexClad’s, which provide non-stick qualities without the coating and are oven-safe but aren’t too heavy as they’re made from stainless steel and aluminum. 

Non stick pans

What Is This Pot and Pan Set?

It’s stainless steel, it’s aluminum, it’s non-stick, and it can be put in the oven like a cast iron pan. How exactly are those capabilities achieved, though?

  • Try-Ply Cookware: On the outside, it’s stainless steel cookware like the professional-looking, shiny stainless steel pots and pans you see in a high-class kitchen. But in between the layers of stainless steel is a layer of aluminum. This brings evenly distributed heating to the pot or pan as you cook. These three layers make it “try-ply” cookware. 
  • Hexagons: With the tri-ply base, it’s now time for the hexagons. A laser etching process on the surface of the pan creates the hexagonal design that gives the style its name. This design covers the surface of the pan and creates a texture of miniscule peaks and “valleys”. And within those valleys is the non-stick material. Since it’s etched within the valleys and the food rests on the stainless steel peaks, you avoid the typical scratching and peeling issues that often come with non-stick pot and pan sets. The pans are then triple-polished, making them even more durable and less scratchable. Thanks to the this design, you have a non-stick pan that won’t peel off and become a part of your meal. 
  • Scratch-Resistant: Because of the polishing and stainless steel outer layers, these pans are extremely durable. The brand calls itself “scratch-resistant,”. But once you’ve got one in your kitchen, you might refer to it instead as “scratch-proof.” They’re nearly impossible to make a mark on. And if you do, rest assured, it won’t affect the cookware’s functionality or safety. It’s merely a blemish.
  • Oven and Dishwasher Safe: Here is where this cookware shows its versatility and durability. Not only can they be put in the oven like a cast iron pan, but they can also be washed in the dishwasher like non-coated metal pans often can. 
Aluminum pans


From function to convenience, these pot and pan sets are winning in every category; there’s a reason pieces like these get celebrity endorsements. Whether you’re an amateur or know your way around the kitchen like the back of your hand, it’s worth looking into a new set of cookware with incredible features. 

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