How to Maintain A Pool Table?

Your pool table can be a long-lasting investment if you take good care of it. And for places where people constantly visit to enjoy a game of billiards, maintenance is important.. Especially if you want to avoid having to get replacements after a few years. You want to make sure that you buy a quality option. You also have to do well when it comes to maintenance.  

Before I get into the details of how to keep your pool tables in the best condition, let’s first look into some of the reasons why they get damaged in the first place.

Pool table

Causes of Damage to Pool Tables

You may rarely play them because they sit at home where you have little kids who are yet to hone their billiard skills. You surely will occasionally come to find that the structure has been damaged somehow.

This is more common in commercial centers like clubs, bars, or recreational facilities that house board games for leisure. Some of the reasons why a modern pool table could need repair or replacement include:

Normal Wear and Tear

You can expect the structure to get damaged due to wear and tear from playing on them regularly. This can be in the form of a torn cloth, scratching around the frame, or cracked or broken cue sticks.

Since it is made from wood, it will be almost impossible for them to serve you for an eternity. And as expected will experience normal wear and tear. This could either be repaired or in worse cases will need a replacement.

Pool table with wear and tear

Water Damage

Drink spills on the cloth, having the unit close to the swimming pool like in the case of recreational facilities, or leaving it in the open uncovered when it rains are some of the reasons why your pool table can get damaged from water.

The felt is usually the first to spoil when it gets drenched. And while you can have an expert replace the cloth, constant exposure to water can do some serious damage to the slate affecting the quality of the game.

Putting Something Heavy on the Table

They may look like they can withstand a great deal of pressure. However, you want to avoid putting a heavy object on the table. Even your bar stools may look light. But they should be in no way stored on top of the billiard table after the close of day. It is also important to keep people away from standing on the unit. 

After a night of heavy drinking, it is common for pub visitors to get over-excited. They may think the pool table is their bed. So no, you want to ask them politely to get down. Then hail a cab for them to get home safely.

Man on a pool table

How to Maintain Pool Tables?

Now you know some of the reasons why your pool table can get damaged. You will now learn about some of the things to do to keep them in the best condition.

Use a Pool Table Cover

When not in use, you want to use a cover material on the board to keep the cloth and slate protected. This will help with preventing water damage, dust, damage from sunlight. And even the chances of fur and pet hair from getting on the surface.

Constant the table when not in use can help with ensuring that the surface remains smooth for playing. And what’s more, prevent tear to the cloth so you can reduce how often you need to make repairs.

Covered pool table

Reduce Direct Exposure to Sun

You will also need to install the pool table in an area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. And you do want to ensure that there is proper ventilation around the vicinity so players get to breathe easily. You don’t want the sun to be hitting the table directly. This can quickly dry out the wood and cause the cloth to thin out. 

If the table is sitting close to a window with direct sunlight, consider using a blind on the window to block out some of the sun rays from passing through. This website has tips on putting a pool table in a room. 

Clean the Cloth

You want to use a light brush to get out the dirt from the cloth to help ensure the surface is smooth enough for gameplay. Make use of a brushstroke that is straight and isn’t too deep into the surface.

You are not trying to get out stains but trying to smoothen things out for players to enjoy their game. If a drink gets spilled or you find water on the surface, place a dry towel. Gently pat it to dry and absorb the water. Do not use a hard scrub to get out the liquid.

clean pool table

Don’t Move the Table Alone

You want to also make sure that you don’t try to pull or lift the table alone. This can alter the structure as it tends to tilt towards one side. Rather, you want to get people at each end who will lift the table from the ground. Then drop it on the required spot.

Doing this alone can break the legs, crack the slate, or loosen the glues around the edges causing damage to the unit.

Don’t Use Cleaning Chemicals on the Surface

You will occasionally have to get stains out from the frame, cloth, and other parts of the billiard table. And you want to make sure not to make use of cleaning products that contain chemicals that can cause damage to the construction materials.

Avoid using wood cleaning chemicals or even treatments that contain harsh ingredients. 

The surest way for cleaning pool tables is with a damp cloth to aid in getting out stains and scratches. You can check here for more on cleaning pool table cloth. 

Pool table

Bottom Line

You can enjoy a game of pool at home. Or you can have a few tables in your place of business to promote leisure at your facility. And if you don’t want to make repairs or change them occasionally, you want to take proper care of the tables and accessories used in playing the game. In the case, you need to make repairs, ensure that you get someone experienced to do it.

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