How To Design A Comprehensive Outdoor Pool Garden Design

Gardens are hard enough to style properly. Since every season brings along with it different changes, you often don’t have the perfect design for each. If you have an outdoor pool, this becomes even more complicated as winds and snow can bring havoc to your pleasurable lounging experience. This is the issue with many swimming pool garden designs.

Most people don’t actually plan for the various scenarios that could happen. Even more so, if you have a family with small children, going outside to play becomes a bit of a hazard. Rather than worry all the time that the pets or the children will fall into the pool, there are a number of ways you can prevent this and still allow your garden to look inviting. It’s better to aim for a more comprehensive design of your garden so you can use it more often rather than just for the summer. 



How To Design A Comprehensive Outdoor Pool Garden Design


Don’t forget about greenery

A swimming pool garden design can often be a one-sided affair. Since you have your pool, who cares about a little patch of green right? Wrong, people want to feel like they’re outdoors and not at a swimming bath. Don’t take out the lawn and if you have, put one back in. The feeling of grass underneath you is an iconic part of playing outdoors or just sitting relaxing. It’s what picnics need, a fresh flatland of grass. Have a little area where people can sit down on the ground or where the children can play with their toys and run around barefoot.


Keeping the pool separate

The pool is quite obviously the hit of the show, it’s the headline act everyone came to see. However, even during the summer months, winds can push debris into the pool and make it messy. You might end up spending more time cleaning it than actually diving in and doing the backstroke to your leisure. Children might also lose their footing around it and or explore too close to the edge of the pool and fall in.

pool garden

To solve both these problems, install some pool fencing that can go around and provide an entrance and exit. This is an important part of swimming pool garden design. Since the fencing stands up, those that don’t want to get wet but talk with friends in the pool, can stay in the pool garden and have a beer. There’s no danger of them being pushed in by someone playing a practical joke. This is great for people who have hearing aids, are on crutches due to an injury or have some technology in their hands.


Admire the foliage

A swimming pool garden design should also include a little bit of mother nature thriving. Plants and small trees are great things to include around the pool and perhaps cut off by some pebbling. It just adds depth to the garden and creates some genuine height to the natural foliage.


Swimming pool garden designs have notoriously been one trick ponies in the past. With a comprehensive design, you have a safe place for the kids to play, the grown-ups can sit around, and nature exists all happily!



Swimming pool gardens have notoriously been one trick ponies in the past. With a comprehensive design, you have a safe place for the kids to play.

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