Important Plumbing Tools To Tackle Common Emergencies

While you may rely on professionals for the excellent plumbing service, you must have a few essential plumbing tools around the house. These are for quick fixes and emergency repairs. It will help you save your water bills and any damage to your home that even a small leak can bring about.

It may also be very expensive to order emergency services. If you are equipped to handle minor emergencies, you will easily get the repairs done at reasonable costs. Therefore, as a homeowner, you just cannot do without a good set of plumbing tools to save your day.

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Drain Snake

A drain snake is one of the essential tools for resolving the problem of a clogged drain. Whether it is the sink or the shower drain. This tool is also called the plumber’s snake. It is often carried by local plumbers in cambridge and plumbers in other areas too.

It is a flexible auger that dislodges a blocked drain and can prove essential in resolving the overflow. These drain snakes are most useful for clogged drains where plungers do not help. So if there are bends, then you will need a drain snake to remove the blockage.


Another essential plumbing tool that every homeowner should keep is the plunger. It helps tackle the clogged toilet. In addition to resolving the horror of a clogged toilet, the plunger helps you get rid of the drain blocks. It is a boon for minor plumbing issues that keep cropping up from time to time and spoil your family members’ peace of mind. So if you do not have one yet, make sure you buy one at the next possible chance.


Another of the must-have plumbing tools to meet your plumbing needs is a set of adjustable wrenches. There are two types of wrenches that a plumber uses.

  • Pipe wrenches are heavy-duty adjustable tools to grip and turn pipes. They have an adjustable head that can grip the pipe one way and slide in the other.
  • Basin wrenches have a long handle and a jawed head. These can be adjusted to grip and loosen the faucet or change the valve.

These wrenches are a must if you plan to make temporary repairs to resolve your plumbing problems. The wrench is the most essential tool for fixing the nuts and bolts that you want to tighten or loosen. Investing in a set of adjustable wrenches to handle all types of nuts & bolts problems will prove helpful for all your plumbing needs.

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Rubber Gloves

If you are planning to roll up your sleeves and tackle minor plumbing repairs on your own, a pair of rubber gloves are indispensable. It is not only for hygiene but to protect your hands and arms from sharp objects when you attend plumbing jobs. A pair of good quality rubber gloves are the first of the plumbing tools you should buy for your plumbing kit, to get your hands dirty!

Plumbing Pliers

These are also known as slip-joint pliers and they are a very beneficial tool for your plumbing kit. They have two sets of teeth that can prove very handy in tricky plumbing situations. Especially when you need to grip or bend some objects like nails or bolts etc.

Teflon Tape

These are also called plumber’s tape or thread seal tape. They are used to seal pipe threads and other leak problems. These tapes are very useful in temporarily fixing leaks to avoid further damage around your home, due to pipe leaks. At times the thread tape can temporarily fix the issue and at other times, it resolves the problem completely.

Whenever there is a water leak issue around the house, it can increase your water bills. This causes severe damage to your walls and interiors. Therefore, a small leak too, if not handled well in time, can cause repairs that are more expensive than the tape itself. So act smart and get yourself these tapes for your plumbing kit. This tape works on most pipes like steel, copper, PVC, etc. It will effectively hold off the leak till the professionals can permanently resolve the issue.

Having these essential plumbing tools on hand for your home can be a time and money saver in the future.

Final Thoughts on Important Plumbing Tools

These plumbing tools are essential to have in your arsenal for do-it-yourself plumbing repairs. They will make jobs go easier and smoother when a plumbing issue arrives.

Do you have other suggestions for plumbing tools that should be in your tool kit? Mention them in the comment box below.

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