Planting Trees in the Backyard: 5 Tips

If you are thinking of giving your backyard a new life by planting trees, the following are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you transform your backyard.

Planting trees are a great way to provide shade, as well as to provide a better environment. From apple trees and oranges to nut trees and trees for shade, the options are limitless.

Use the tips below and start planting trees in your yard or on your homestead right now. You will reap the benefits!

Planting a tree

Tips for Planting Trees

1. Choosing the Right Time for Planting Trees

The reality is you can plant or relocate a plant at almost any time during the year. Just make sure you can dig a hole to plant the tree. Nature is resilient and will likely flourish even if you don’t choose the perfect time.

Covering the trees roots

Now, those who want to give their trees the best chance of thriving might want to plant at the ideal time. You want to allow your trees to prepare for the summer heat. Ideally, you want to plant your trees in the fall, but most people wait until early spring, which gives your trees enough time to get strong.

2. Knowing When to Get Help

Planting a tree isn’t an easy job, and knowing where to place it can be challenging as well. Even if you know a little about landscaping, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help from a professional.

Search for a professional in your area, for example, if you live in Washington you might search for landscaping services in Vancouver WA. People tend to think they should do everything on their own, but they can benefit from a little help.

Professional landscaper planting a tree

Give the professionals a call so that they can help ensure your trees prosper. You don’t want to find out that your trees need to be removed because they didn’t make it. You are putting a lot of work and money into this project; hiring professionals is a smart way to protect your investment.

3. Checking on Those Roots

One thing people forget to do is check the roots of the trees they are planting, which is a mistake that even professionals can make. A lot of people just dig the hole, plant the tree, and cover it up without considering the state of the roots.

Filling the dirt in when planting a tree without any regards to the roots

If you are purchasing a tree sapling, it’s likely in a constrictive pot. This means the roots could have changed depending on how long the tree was inside the pot. You need to check the roots before planting the trees and make sure none of them are growing circularly.

Any root you find growing this way needs to be cut. No one wants to do this to a tree, but it’s a necessary step to give your tree a chance to establish a strong root system in its new environment.

4. Don’t Mess Around With the Soil

When planting new life, some people think it’s a good idea to give the root system new soil or organic material. It’s understandable. This is your investment, and you want to give your trees everything they need to thrive. The problem is your new trees don’t need all of that to survive.

Using the native soil.

In essence, you are pampering your new tree, and this could lead to a weak root system. The tree’s root system may stay within that soil and not venture out since it’s so rich. You want the tree’s root system to venture out as much as possible, and to do that, you need to prevent it from getting too comfortable. Allow the tree to get used to its environment.

5. Observing the Two-Inch Mulch Trick

Mulch is important, and you are going to need it when you are done planting your trees, but you need to leave two inches free from the trunk. Some people leave more room so that the trunk can establish itself.

Placing mulch

The mulch is going to play an important part by making sure the growing root system stays relatively cool as it’s attempting to establish itself. This is one reason you don’t want to plant a tree when it’s hot because your root systems need a cooling period to flourish. You know many states can get chilly during the winter, which is a good thing for a tree trying to grow a healthy root system.

 If you are thinking of giving your backyard a new life by planting trees, the following are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you transform your backyard.

Final Thoughts on Planting Trees

These are just some tips or tricks you can use when planting trees in your backyard. Be sure to ask your landscaper about anything else you are worried about during this process. He or she can answer your questions and ensure this is a smooth process, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard soon.


  1. I had never learned about trimming circular roots. Thanks for sharing, we are putting in several trees this coming fall.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you got to learn something new!

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