How To Choose the Correct Planter Trough

A planter trough is a great way to add a new dimension to your indoor or outdoor aesthetics of the house. They bring variant colors which could multiply the beauty of the house and the location itself. These troughs can be used in various ways to decorate the outdoors or indoors of your house. They can easily add variety to the looks of the place. Using them perfectly in perfect position with perfect color and combination is an art. If you master this art, you will have endless possibility or combinations and experiment even further.

planter trough


How To Choose the Correct Planter Trough


How would you decorate your indoor or outdoor areas with a planter trough?

There are various ways with the help of which you can use a planter trough to decorate the indoor or the outdoor of your house.


  • Location is important: Location is one of the crucial factors while thinking of placing a planter trough. You could place the trough outdoors. Or you could place the trough indoors. All these will add different dimensions to the aesthetics of the home. Generally, indoor troughs are lightweight, and you can easily move them from one place to another as per your requirements. On the other hand, the outdoor troughs will be exposed to the environment. Hence, it is better if these troughs are made up of strong materials such as stone or concrete. Outdoor planter troughs are generally heavier in terms of weight. Therefore, they are a bit hard to transport from one place to another.


  • Pick one which will reflect your style: While choosing a planter trough, keep a look on the style of the trough. It could be timeless, traditional or contemporary. Each will reflect a different kind of taste. Go with the one which will reflect your personal choices and preferences. You will feel a kind of bond since those will be reflecting your own style.


  • Consider the size of the planter trough: Different plants will grow to different heights. And they will also need some room to grow. That’s why, while choosing a planter trough, you should also consider what type of plants that you will put in the trough. If it’s a plant which needs room to grow, then you can install some large size troughs. Otherwise, even a small trough will suffice as small plants and a small trough will be able to accommodate them without any difficulty.


  • Drainage: Drainage is also another important aspect while you are choosing a planter trough. In the case of outdoor troughs, there should be a drainage system. This will allow the excess water to go out from the trough so the plant doesn’t receive excess water. On the other hand, indoor troughs generally don’t have a drainage system. So other arrangements have to be made to control the excess water. This will ensure that the plants will get the correct amount of water and they won’t be in an excess.


  • Pay attention to the weight: You should also pay attention to the weight of the planter trough depending upon whether you will need to move it more often or also depending upon whether the trough will be able to take the weight of the plant or not. If you will need to move the trough more often, then you should go for lightweight troughs only. On the other hand, if the plant will grow more, you should go for a heavier one.


You must be very cautious before choosing planter troughs. Always follow the above-mentioned tips before you buy a trough. You can also search for a planter trough online and choose the best one for your home improvement.


A planter trough is a great way to add a new dimension to your indoor or outdoor aesthetics of the house.

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