4 Expert Tips When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Ensuring the layout of your kitchen meets your daily needs is not just about choosing beautiful appliances or finishes. You need to ensure that your kitchen is accessible and safe. Though challenging, you must lay out the storage areas, appliances, plumbing, electrical works, and walkways. 

So, to ensure that you can perfectly plan your Bellevue Kitchen Remodeling, below are some expert tips you follow when you opt for a kitchen remodel.

The results of correctly planning a kitchen remodel

1. Create a plan for your space

When you intend to remodel your kitchen, you usually start with a wish list and images you love. This is excellent, but you should focus on the space before you get caught up in what your kitchen should look like. You can consider consulting with Kitchen Renovation Services for homes or Bayremodeling’s kitchen remodeling Los altos

During the consultation, you should discuss where the appliances should be placed and the best layout for your space. For example, would a galley kitchen be better, or a U-shaped kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen? 

Blueprints of new kitchen remodel plan

2. Know the estimates

After getting your proposed plan, you should invite a contractor to come over and estimate the cost. Having more information is better as it makes the estimation more accurate. Getting the contractor to conduct a lighting and electrical plan might be better.

Though this might be subject to change, you would know what it will cost before you get committed. Also, estimate the cost of materials such as flooring and tile, countertops, cabinetry, etc. 

Shaking hands with kitchen contractor

3. Make detailed plans when planning a kitchen remodel

After getting a plan you like, you should let your designer develop a detail of it. Having a drawing will help you visualize what your cabinetry would look like. You should also note where to place your silverware, pans, pot, utensils, and spices.

Here, you shouldn’t only be bothered about functionality and practicality. You should also emphasize its artistic concept. Cabinet design is similar to modern art since it is all about squares and rectangles of cabinet doors and the way they intersect and relate. 

During the kitchen remodeling plan, you should follow standard clearances for ovens, fridges, sinks, cooktops, and ovens. For example, ensure that you allow about 15 inches of countertop on both sides of the refrigerator and cooktop. 

Also, ensure that the sink has more than 24 inches of counter space on one side and 18 inches on the other. It is also important to have a landing space close to the microwave. Make a 15-inch landing zone below, beside, and above your microwave. 

Kitchen layout plan with measurements

4. Plan for details and finishes

Since you are now working with your developed drawings, you should visualize where you want to place your materials and also the material’s proportions. 

Next, you will have a final design construction document and development period, and then the last phase, where you will provide the specifications, drawings, and scope of work to the contractor to get the final price. 

Countertop samples used when planning a kitchen remodel


The need to remodel a kitchen usually begins with aesthetics and then progresses to practicalities. As you make plans for your new kitchen, you should focus on the main functions of your kitchen, like the dishwashing, refrigeration, cooking, and preparation areas. In addition, ensure that you focus on access and the frequency with which you use an object. 

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