Pet-Friendly Design Tips For A Harmonious Home

Do you have a feline friend or canine cuddle bug in your life? Pets make everything more enjoyable, but they’re not made to live indoors. If you’re not careful, you can make life difficult for yourself and your pet with improper home design. So, here are four pet-friendly design tips to ensure you and your furry friend live in harmony: 

Large dog and small cat

Opt for laminate or vinyl flooring

Both of these flooring types are the most pet-friendly options out there. Carpet is a big no-no as pet fur can get trapped in it, claws can tear it up, and so on. A nice laminate/vinyl flooring is easy for you to clean while being durable enough to withstand claws scratching away every day. 

Plus, this flooring is cool for your pets to lie on, helping them regulate body temperatures during the hot summer months. As a bonus, both floorings can be incredibly stylish and waterproof, meaning they suit all rooms in the house – including your kitchen and bathroom. 

Dog and cat on vinyl flooring

Choose leather or outdoor furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, opt for either leather furniture or stuff that’s designed for the outdoors. Leather furniture is great for pets as it’s cool, withstands scratches, and doesn’t trap pet fur. It’s also much easier to wipe any stains off leather furniture before they settle in. 

Outdoor furniture also works inside your home. It can still be pretty comfortable, but the furniture material is designed to be way more durable. So, if you don’t like leather or want a vegan-friendly option, this is your best bet for a pet-friendly home. 

Pet-friendly leather furniture

Install pet access flaps

Pets need to stretch their legs and spend time outdoors. The best way to let them do this independently is by installing pet access flaps in your home. It’s a good idea to get a cat or dog door built into either your front or back doors. Personally, I prefer back doors or patio doors over front ones. 

In fact, there are some advantages of a sliding patio door with a dog door built in. For one, it’s a stylish choice. Secondly, having a dog/cat door opening out to your garden means they can leave the house while staying on your property. So, you don’t have to worry about them wandering onto the road, which is why front door access flaps aren’t the best. Now, your pets can express themselves and feel free rather than trapped inside all day. 

Doggy door

Build cozy places for your pets to chill

Your pets need somewhere to lie down and relax. This can be either at night or during one of their many daily naps. Think about building cozy places in your home specifically for pets. As an example, take out a kitchen cabinet and open up a space under your worktop for a cat or dog to curl up. It’s shaded, cool, and a very cute place for them to stay. 

Some people go one step further and build dog or cat beds at the foot of their beds. This lets your furry friend sleep in the same room as you without ruining the bed. 

There are loads of ways to design a truly pet-friendly home, and these pet-friendly design tips are a great place to start. Try them out and you’ll have a house that looks great while giving your pet a much better life. 

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