4 Top Benefits Of Living In A Pet-Friendly Community

The contribution of companionship to your quality of life cannot be understated. Surrounding yourself with loved ones is known to be great for your mental health. And aside from family and friends, your pets can provide you with a lot of happiness. While it requires learning how to keep pets at home, there are many benefits to living in a pet-friendly community. Below are some advantages of choosing a community that allows you to live with your pet. 

Family with a dog sitting on a porch together

1. Meet other pet lovers

You are more likely to have a neighbor who loves pets if you live in a pet-friendly community. For instance, relocating to an apartment that allows dogs may instantly connect you to a community of individuals who enjoy being around dogs or have their own.

You and your pet will be welcomed by a community of like-minded residents. They may become lifelong friends for both of you. These apartment communities usually have amenities such as dog runs and dog parks. This allows neighbors to bond through their love of animals.

2. An extra layer of security 

Statistics have shown that criminals are much less likely to attack a property if it has a dog. A recent US research reports that areas with strong trust among their people – and more dogs – had much lower violent street crime than neighborhoods with fewer dogs.

Since most properties or apartments within a pet-friendly community may have at least one pet, it conveys a strong message to would-be criminals that they are likely to encounter some resistance. Living in a pet-friendly community might make your home less attractive to burglars and intruders. And even if you don’t own a pet. 

Beware of dog sign

3. Easily settle into your new community

Have you lived in a neighborhood that accepts pets but didn’t really embrace them? Then you have probably felt the tension that comes with living among non-pet people.

You may be worried about your neighbors possibly objecting to any noises your animal friend makes. Or maybe they will be terrified of them.

People in pet-friendly communities are more likely to notify you if they notice your cat sneaking away. They are also more likely to be tolerant when training your puppy not to bark at night.

This minimizes tension and helps you live and feel more comfortable and at peace in your home. And your neighbors are more inclined to accept your pet even if they don’t have one. 

Neighbors talking

4. Accessible pet amenities 

Caring for your pets, including grooming, strolling, and feeding them while you’re away, may be time-consuming and exhausting. Fortunately, you can easily access services such as pet boarding, dog walking, and sitting when you live in a pet-friendly community. Such amenities assist pet owners in providing better care for their animals and are also time-saving. 

Pets can be a great addition to every family. With the benefits of a pet-friendly community mentioned above, it makes sense to bring your pet along when moving with your family.

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