7 Pest Control Tips To Keep Your Homestead Safe All Year

Pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, termites, ants, and bugs, not only spread illnesses but can significantly disrupt your peace of mind. Instead of waiting until such pests seize your home, it’s better to prevent them from coming in and multiplying in the first place. Hence, the essence of pest control. Here are seven pest control tips to keep your homestead safe all year: 

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1. Hire A Pest Control Service 

Pest control services help eradicate pests, but they can also help prevent pests from infesting your house. The pest control company of your choice can regularly visit your home and help you search for any loopholes that may cultivate pests. Should they find any, they’ll advise you accordingly on the mitigation measures to take. 

They can do a weatherproof spray treatment around your house as a precautionary measure. This usually works for spring, summer, and autumn.

During winter, they can provide a preventative rodent control station. These measures provide super protection from general household pests such as spiders, beetles, earwigs, centipedes, and ants.

On top of that, professionals are always in a position to advise you appropriately on pest control franchise opportunities. However, it would depend on the specific conditions in and around your home. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact one. 

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2. Keep Your Kitchen Clean 

Pests like to hide in damp and dirty cracks. To prevent them from infesting your house, you need to keep the racks, drawers, and kitchen counters clean and dry.

You should wipe these surfaces regularly using a disinfectant cleaner. It would be best to regularly remove any food particles on the kitchen surfaces to not attract insects.  

The other thing you can do is wash the utensils after every meal. Doing so ensures your kitchen always remains clean.

But in situations where you can’t wash the utensils immediately, you might want to scrap the leftovers from the utensils and then wash them thoroughly when you have the time. This routine will help prevent pests from infesting your kitchen. 

Cleaning the counters with a sponge

3. Get Rid Of Any Stagnant Water 

Pests like mosquitoes often breed in stagnant water. You must check the area around your house and ensure that the drainage systems around your house are clean.

You should also check if they allow the water to flow steadily. If they don’t, you need to fix them so that water does not stagnate in them. This will help prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 

In this same sense, watch out for gaps and holes on the open ground trap rainwater. Fill them up with gravel and soil to avoid water pooling.

You can also eliminate any empty containers around your homestead that can fill up with water and act as breeding grounds. This will protect your family from diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as malaria and dengue. 

Stagnant Water

4. Don’t Keep Fruits In The Open 

If you keep overripe fruits out of the fridge for long, they’re most likely to attract fruit flies. This is especially true if you’ve cut the ripe fruits. Such pests may seem harmless, but they’re a common predecessor to other pests—like ants, cockroaches, and houseflies—which are even more challenging to get rid of. 

Therefore, it’s good practice to keep your fruits uncut in the fridge. And once you cut any of them, consume them immediately. It would be best to get rid of any fruits that prematurely go bad before you decide to eat them. 

fruit flies on an orange

5. Keep Your Bathroom Clean 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom can play a significant role in ensuring that pests don’t infest your house. You can clean the toilet, especially the pot, using a toilet brush and cleaners. If possible, you should do this daily. After cleaning the bathroom, ensure that you’ve dried it properly.  

If you have a sink in your bathroom, you also need to clean it at least twice a week. Ensuring that the sink is unclogged will help prevent stagnant water where pests like mosquitoes thrive.

It is also best to check the drainage pipes and other fittings to ascertain that no soap particles and hair have clogged therein. These may serve as comfortable hideouts for pests. 

And after cleaning, make sure that the drain is well covered. Such small measures will maintain hygiene in the bathroom and make it pest-free. 

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7. Dispose Of Garbage Regularly 

After cleaning your house, you need to dispose of all the garbage. Ideally, it would help if you do this daily. This is because the accumulation of waste can lead to cockroaches and rodents infestation. This gets even worse when the food particles in the trash bins start rotting. 

You can also consider minimizing waste in your homestead rather than generating a lot of it and then having to deal with its disposal. This is possible through creating effective meal plans and following them religiously.

For the other inevitable food scrap waste, you can compost them and use the manure for your garden.  

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Final Thoughts on Pest Control Tips

Pests are great trouble and must be controlled by all means. The most guaranteed approach you can take is hiring professional pest control services to assess your home’s vulnerability to pest infestation and advise you on appropriate mitigation measures.

That way, you’ll stay for long without worrying about pest infestation. You’d also want to maintain hygiene by regularly cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms, getting rid of stagnant water, and emptying your trash bins frequently enough. The resultant pest-free home will surely be a haven of rest. The preceding pest control tips should help.

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