Creating The Perfect Patio

A patio makes a great addition to any garden, offering a social space for hosting garden parties and eating al fresco or simply relaxing in the sun. A patio can even add value to your home, helping to make your property more attractive to buyers if you plan on selling. Here are just a few tips for creating the perfect patio.

perfect patio

Creating The Perfect Patio

Choose the right place to build your patio

The location of your perfect patio is important – once you’ve laid it down there’s no going back. Whilst most people place their patio near the house for easy access, this may not always be the best location.

It’s possible that the end of your garden might catch the sun the longest. In which case this might be a better-suited place for building your patio. You may also want to consider the level of the ground. Somewhere relatively flat will require less excavating when laying your patio foundations.

Consider installing french patio doors that lead out to your patio, if it is placed near your home, to create a grander entryway making a stunning connection from the outside leading in.

Experiment with patterning

Most people stick to standard square slabs because they’re easier to lay down, however, if you fancy the challenge you could try adding some patterning. This could be a popular pattern such as the broken bond effect or a Tudor pattern.

 Or you could make your own patterns experimenting with geometric shapes and even curves. Hiring a professional patio company could allow you to produce something a little more complex if you’re not a keen DIYer.

perfect patio

Preserve your patio stones

Your perfect patio will start to get dirty and discolored over time. So you’ll want to clean and treat it. The easiest way to clean a patio is with a pressure washer. There are lots of different washers on the market – which you can read more about by using comparison guides online.

Sealants meanwhile can keep your paving stones from getting damaged and discolored by rain over time. It could be worth looking into these in order to preserve the appearance of your perfect patio.

Add potted plants

Your perfect patio can still be a place for plants. Shrubs like begonia and hydrangea thrive in pots and can bring a touch of vibrant color to your patio.

You can also turn your plant pots into a statement. Opt for large pots made of a material that contrasts your paving stones.

perfect patio

Create a feature wall

You can also make a feature out of any exterior walls or fences near your patio area. This could be a great place for hanging creeper plants, wall ornaments and even a mirror.

You could even tile the wall with some slate or use wood paneling. Such a feature could help to further separate this part of the garden visually from the rest of your garden.

perfect patio

Invest in quality patio furniture

When buying patio furniture, opt for tables and chairs that are going to last. Plastic is the cheapest material, but it can degrade in the sun and rain as well blowing away in the wind.

Cast iron can add a more traditional feel – such furniture is great for windy locations, however, it is prone to rust and not very portable. Synthetic fiber and treated teak are well-balanced materials to use. They’re durable and not too heavy.

There are all kinds of style of patio furniture to choose from. Outdoor living suites could make your patio feel like an outdoor living room. Benches and swing chairs meanwhile could add a more traditional feel to your patio.

perfect patio

Add some outdoor heating

In the evenings, it could start to get cooler outside. Having some form of outdoor heating for your patio could be beneficial.

You could buy a patio heater. Some of these run on gas, whilst others are solar powered. Patio heaters are great for modern gardens.

They have a very modern appearance. However, they are also quite expensive compared to other outdoor heating sources.

A chimenea could be a better option for those wanting something more rustic. These burn wood to produce heat and have a more natural appeal. You can even cook food on them.

There’s also the option of building a fire pit. These can be built into your patio and could give off the feel of huddling around a campfire.

perfect patio

Light it up

It’s worth also adding some exterior lighting to keep your patio area well lit in the evening. You could buy a wall-mounted motion sensitive light that only turns on when people are outdoors. This could be wired to the house or battery operated.

Alternatively, you could use solar lighting to add a gentler glow. Solar lighting has the advantage that it can be placed anywhere without the need for cables.

There are lots of fun lights out there. Meanwhile, for a more traditional feel, you could light some candles and place them in lanterns on the patio.

perfect patio

Provide shelter

It could be worth also providing some shelter from the elements. Patio umbrellas are a cheap and easy option that can provide shade from the sun whilst also providing shelter from the rain. These could be freestanding umbrellas or they could be placed in the middle of tables.

For something more substantial, you could try putting up a gazebo. This could be a permanent feature over a table allowing you to leave out cushions without the fear of rain.

Be careful of where you put canopies. Positioning them above a barbecue, for instance, could pose a fire hazard.

With these easy and simple suggestions you too can create the perfect patio for your home.

Now you have a number of ways to create the perfect patio for you and your family. Have you done any of the options above to create the perfect patio for your family? Do you have other suggestions for our readers? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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