Safety and Design: How To Build The Perfect Garage

We are all obsessed with designing our homes according to the latest trends. However, if we want to make it look as if it was on the cover page of a world-famous home improvement magazine, then aside from concentrating solely on its interior and exterior, we should take our garage design into consideration as well.

In order to help you out with this project, we’ve singled out some amazing advice on how to add a breath of fresh air to your perfect garage and make it super practical.

Safety and Design: How To Build The Perfect Garage

Declutter it

First things first. You shouldn’t even think about starting to redecorate your perfect garage before you get rid of all the messiness and useless items that have been gathering dust here for years. Once you’re done with this, you need to organize the rest of your things neatly.

Smart storage solutions are definitely what you should focus on. For instance, you can start by installing a few shelves on the walls where you can keep your tools, camping equipment, fishing gear, etc.

Additionally, drawers might be the best solution for storing some smaller items like screws and nails. Finally, no matter what you go for, it’s important that you can easily fetch whatever you need instead of spending hours every day rummaging through your garage.

perfect garage

Let the light in

There is nothing worse than spending time in a poorly lit room. The same applies to your perfect garage. Having this in mind, it’s essential to install enough light fixtures and replace your old ones.

Especially since you can get hurt if you don’t see well while using your power tools. Furthermore, think about opting for LEDs. They have shown to be an energy-efficient solution and can save you a lot on the electricity bills.

On top of that, they cast natural-looking light so you won’t be at risk of suffering from strong headaches and unbearable eye strain.

Get all the necessary insurance policies

The garage is a part of your property and it’s extremely important to get it insured. Of course, before you decide on the right type of insurance, it is advisable to discuss it with an expert in this field.

They will make sure to clarify everything and give you some useful advice. Furthermore, they will explain to you the difference between numerous insurance policies.

This includes those for your home, against burglary and theft, as well as against floods, fires, and other disasters. On top of that, you should think about opting for tailored comprehensive car insurance. After all, it’s much easier for you to get the full package at once.

Then rest assured that your perfect garage and your home are completely safe and secured.

Match its design with the rest of your home

You may have decided to build your perfect garage long after you moved in. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t match its design with your home exterior.

In other words, if you don’t want to make your house look incoherent and absolutely ridiculous as if it was made out of Legos, you can start by painting your garage the same color. Furthermore, opting for uniform windows and doors will further contribute to creating a cohesive and sophisticated look for your entire home.

Lastly, even if you decide to build a detached garage, it’s much more natural to create a flow in its design than to produce a sharp contrast that will just destroy that inviting atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

perfect garage

Make sure it’s large enough

Last but not least, you should be certain that your perfect garage is spacious enough. If not, it won’t be able to serve its purpose and will easily get all cluttered and stuffed. Therefore, instead of building a one-car garage, go for a two- or three-car one.

This may seem like quite a big initial investment. But it’s much wiser to do so now than to have to rebuild it in a few years only because you bought an SUV or a minivan.

As you can see, there are some interesting perfect garage design options. You just need to see which one is the most suitable for you. After all, getting it well organized and user-friendly doesn’t have to be that hard at all.

You just need to come up with some smart storage solutions, install quality lighting and choose a design that will agree with the rest of your house. Good luck with the project!

Treat Your Garage for Moisture

Another great way to build the perfect garage is take into account what type of enivornment you’re in. If you’re in the type of climate that’s known to get hot and humid, you’re bound to get some sort of moisture in the garage.

When water is found seeping in through your garage floor, you can tidy that up with a garage door threshold. If you find that water is pooling up in your garage, then you should look into getting a garage drain installed.

Finding moisture on your floor no matter what you do? Then a garage dehumidifer to get rid of moisture is the solution for you. Garages are large and are open to the elements, so you’ll need a heavy duty dehumidifier that goes up to 70 pints if possible. 

There are some interesting perfect garage design options. Getting it well organized and user-friendly doesn’t have to be that hard at all. (1)

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