10 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Family House

Buying a house. It’s one of the biggest, most exciting (and stressful) things that you could do in life. It’s staking your claim on a piece of the world and paying for it in a big way; financially and emotionally. It’s providing a place for you and your family to grow and be. And it’s ensuring security for your children and family. It’s also one of the scariest things that you could possibly do because it’s a decision that is shrouded in uncertainty.

It’s very important to know that feeling fear around your decision on a home is totally normal. You’re making an important choice when you pick between houses. Whether you’ve narrowed it down to 1 or 2 family homes for sale. Lots of people who buy for the first time will wonder how they will know their choice is the right one when it comes to the home they’ve put their money on. It’s something that is individual for every family. As a parent, your choice of the perfect family house is going to be so much more than whether there is a white picket fence outside.

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10 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Family House

Your choices with your perfect family house have to include things like the steps outside and how they will affect the kids or carrying the groceries up them with a baby on your back. It’s also thinking about access to the back of the house. And the dangers with particular structures and whether you have chosen a home with enough bedrooms for all the children you plan to have. A family home should feel perfect to you. You don’t want to mess around with this decision. You’re making a long-term commitment when you choose to buy a house – but how do you know it’s the right one? How do you know you’ve found the home for sale that will see you through the next twenty to thirty years?

Choosing the Right Home

There are homes out there that you’ll view that will feel like home the moment you pull up outside. There are also others that will not be right, and it’ll feel frustrating to keep looking. It can take time to get it right when it comes to finding the perfect family house for you.

Here are three things that you should understand when it comes to finding the right home:

  1. You should never be pressured into buying a house. If you have a real estate agent with you who is pushing and pushing, it’s time to dump the real estate agent and move on. You should be allowed to make this monumental decision with time and effort. So whether you’re searching and are choosing between five houses or two, your real estate agent should be patient with you.
  2. You’ll just know. Once you set foot in your home, you’ll just know that it’s the right one for you, deep down in your gut. It’s a weird concept to say you’ll just know which house is the perfect family house for your family, but it’s also true.
  3. You’ll be tempted to sleep on your decision about the house you felt in your gut. The best thing to do here is NOT to sleep on that decision. Sleeping on it gives you time to talk yourself out of a decision that you know is the right one. So sleeping on it means you don’t trust yourself. Your instincts will not steer you in the wrong direction – so don’t waste your own time. You have a specific idea about what’s perfect for you, from the location to the number of staircases you’re looking for in a house. But, you’re not the only buyer out there who is looking for something specific. Sleeping on a decision could be what makes someone buy the house you want out from underneath you. The last phone call you need is from your agent telling you that another buyer made an offer that was accepted. It’s something that happens all the time. When you know, you know, so buy it. Don’t wait.

So, what are the signs that you have found the perfect house?


You Want To Go In

People will always tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to houses, we ALL judge that book. A big part of the excitement of looking for a perfect family house is in knowing it’s right when you pull up outside. Curb appeal is a thing, and you can read more about it right here. The house has to speak to you from the outside to give you the incentive to go in, and when you find the right house you’ll know because it’s one that you want to go into the moment that you see it.

You Feel Like You’re In The Right Place

Whether it’s in the bedroom or the kitchen, you will have a favorite place to be in your perfect family house. Within a few seconds of standing in the entrance hall of a new home,  you will know whether it’s the right warmth, whether it gives you comfort and whether it speaks to you. Does the house make you feel invited in? Does it make you feel at home and embrace you? A house that is meant for you will embrace you the moment you walk in.

You’ll Want To Devour It (With Your Eyes)

Did you know that some home buyers won’t walk into the bathroom of a home because it’s someone else’s? If you stride on in without issue, you know you’re in the perfect family house. No hovering outside the door and hanging onto the door frame for you!

You Feel It’s Yours

If you have fallen head over heels for the house you’re standing in, any slight or flaw that is pointed out will usually be met with you seeing the positive of what it will be. You want to defend all the flaws they see. You’ll want to be more possessive about the house and all of the quirks – even the bad quirks. It’s your perfect family house.

You Picture The Scene

Room by room, your mind is mapping out where the furniture goes and what colors are springing up on the walls. You’re looking out of the window to the gardens and envisioning camellias and rose bushes, magnolia trees being planted and a Koi pond is installed. You’re hooked when you know exactly how you will hang the saucepans over the kitchen island and where the laundry hampers will go. Part of knowing you have the perfect family house is in your immediate ability to see everything the way that you want it to be.

You See The Colours

Are the walls that dull cream color of a show home? Well, when you are looking around the right house, that changes. You see the sky blue walls of the nursery, the blush of peach for the sunroom. You see the jade green mosaic tiles for the showers. Envisioning decorating this house can help you to feel at home. It’s a good sign you’ve bought the perfect family house if you can do this.

You Know It Fits You

Everyone has an essential list of what they want from a house. Beautiful kitchen, spacious bathrooms, large, south-facing bedroom. Your dream house has to fit your list, and if it doesn’t, it’s not the right one. If you’ve found the home with the double shower space and the garage and the huge garden area (or whatever it is that makes your heart sing) you’ve found the right one.

You Know You’re Done Searching

It’s stressful, searching for the perfect family house. You’re not just looking for rooms and floors. You’re looking for a space to make memories and start expanding your family. Once you’ve found ‘IT’, you know it’s time to stop looking for something better. You now know that there isn’t anything better out there. Every other house is nothing compared to the right one for you.

You Need To Tell Everyone!

Bragging. It’s not something we all aspire to do. But when it comes to your dream home and making a huge commitment both emotionally and financially to a house, you want to sing it from the rooftops. And so you should! You’re excited, and the excitement comes out on Instagram posts and Facebook uploads. You need to tell your friends and everyone you know that this is it – you’re making this choice!

Your Instinct Shouts At You

Remember the gut feeling? The nagging little voice? Listen to it. It’s telling you that you’ve made the right choice and this is your perfect family house. You’ve found it; you want it, you need it. It’s time to buy it.

Now you know exactly what it means to have found the perfect family house for your family. You can buy it. You know what to look for. If you are doubting your choice or you can’t go into the bathroom, it’s time to keep looking!

Buying a house. It's one of the biggest, most exciting (and stressful) things that you could do in life. It's staking your claim on a piece of the world and paying for it in a big way; financially and emotionally. It's providing a place for you and your family to grow and be. And it's ensuring security for your children and family. It's also one of the scariest things that you could possibly do because it's a decision that is shrouded in uncertainty.

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