PEMF Therapy Balances the Immune System

With almost every mention of the term PEMF therapy, you would find such phrases nearby as; boosting metabolism, reduction in inflammation, improved circulation, muscles relaxation, healing tissues, and so on. This is because the wellness world is talking about these perks regarding the positive impacts of pulsed therapy treatment.

Have you ever thought about why these things matter? This is because these basal changes in your body help to balance your immune system. This means you can enjoy a blessed life with a fit body and lesser chances of illness.

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PEMF: How Does It Balance the Immune System?

To know the answer, you will need to understand the basic mechanism of how the therapy benefits your body. As said earlier, the amazing treatment modality boosts your body’s blood circulation to facilitate the healing of damaged tissue.

It initiates its healing methodology from the grassroots level, the cells. The cell membrane contains both positive and negative charges. These charges are significant for the exchange of sodium, potassium, and calcium ions.

Your cells could become ill due to toxins, disease, or any kind of trauma. As a consequence, these minute structures lose their ability to give their utmost performance. Here is when PEMF therapy comes to the rescue.

The pulsed electromagnetic field propagates low-intensity radiations to restore the cell’s charges in your whole body.

Immune System: Your LifeSaver

Our immune system is an essential part of our survival mechanism. An unfit immune system makes your body vulnerable to attacks from toxins, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and can place your cells in trouble. The immune system involves different types of cells, tissues, organs, proteins. In a nutshell, its function is to identify dead and faulty tissues and get rid of foreign agents.

It is impossible to imagine a healthy body without an efficient immune system. It is your immune system that plays an essential part in regenerating the damaged tissues and further leading to body organs. Better the immune response to tissue injury, the faster is the rate of the healing process.

Putting your immune system into regenerative mode becomes possible by modulating different immune components during the healing process.

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Inflammation: A Threat to Immune System

However, an increase in inflammation is a culprit that prevents the immune system from functioning well for regeneration. A study suggests that pulsed-field technology can modulate tissue repair through immune-mediated regeneration mechanisms. 

Biochemistry is the area that revolves around an understanding of the flow of energy to trigger certain chemical reactions.

Internal energy and thermodynamic potentials of the molecules are other features essential for maintaining cells’ equilibrium and homeostasis. Low-frequency fields can bring about significant changes in cell proliferation, desirable alterations in structure and function of the cell membrane, along with changes in nucleic acids, protein phosphorylation, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.

Regular use of PEMF devices helps in multiple ways. Most importantly, it helps to regulate cell signaling mechanisms related to the anti-inflammatory response of different cell types.

Also, the therapy can modulate cell surface receptors and signal transduction pathways. This results in the restoration of homeostatic cell functions like proliferation, communication between surrounding cells, and extracellular matrix.

The regenerative tissue process expands further to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. An efficient immune system saves your body from pain, swelling, stiffness, inflammation, stress, and other disturbing symptoms.

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The benefits of PEMF Therapy to restore your cells to their normal health is a crucial step to support your immune system. Besides, it helps to detoxify your cells from impurities without facing any side effects.

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